Is it OVER for Ethereum? Market Meltdown!

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Examine the consequences of the “crypto flash crash”. Ethereum ETH dropping like a rock blowing through multiple resistances. Is it time to sell?

Looks like this market has experienced its first? Last flash crash?

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Tomas Av. says:

Ethereum is safest and most strong currency/platform. Many token depends on eth. so its very good value. Also ethereum is only begining. Also looks like you dont understand blochain. There is no servers. miners mine what most profitable so speed very much depends on miners

Usman Saqlain says:

Normally I dont bother commenting on small youtube channels with under 20k subs but.. Wow you took down Chain Coin review… One must always standup for their beliefs.. that's some weak sauce and really disappointing as a man… the Crypto (chain coin) too small for your review has made you take down your negative review abt it.. now that's POWER

DirtyBirD says:

LTC is the future

DgibsHardstyle says:

You should check out Byteball

Frank Henning Ritz says:

What you've really want to say?

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

So many butthurt eth hodlers in the comments lol

sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

i love how all these crypto losers think they're so cool. "yeah i'm a cyrpto trader" … nope you're gambler in a volatile bubble market who stares at candlesticks and pretends you know when to buy and sell.

Tony Hemp says:

What happened to that comment about that dude buying ETH at $299 and feeling good about it? Guess that got deleted LOL

Nicholas Zounis says:

If you are riding the short term fluctuations in cryptos to make money, then that is going to give you a major headache.

Carlos Salinas says:


Whyx Nowx says:

eth is a fraud!

Bytler says:

ETH dies, and NEO is rising up. I love cryptos.

Pha999 says:

I thing I got too greedy, I was holding a substantial amount of ETH since about a year and half ago. Now watching paper gains disappear when I could of sold some when it was above 375 to 400, is a bit disappointing. I could try to sell now and walk away with still great gains. It was more fun before, because I paid very little attention to my investments, I never watched the prices so closely until all this hype happened this year.

Max Prophet says:

Hold your ETH boys. Don't sell when the prices drop. Some professional entity dumped a shit load of ETH, prices plummeted, they bought back in at much lower prices and much more. That means they are in a position to manipulate. Don't use Sell limit orders. Buy and hold. Don't be little scared boys.

Justice Harmony says:

I'm holding from entrance at $350, $320 and $305.. Entering again (all-in) on a flat top pullup.. expecting $250. I'm in long until 2018. My strategy is indeed catching the falling knife, a very poor strategy indeed

Hotsauce is Lethal says:

ETH will be very strong in the future simply because its a way better crypto than bitcoin. Blocks are only 15 seconds as opposed to bitcoin's 10 minute blocks. Fees and price are also much cheaper in comparison and even though there will be more than 4x as many ETH as BTC eventually the technology itself is so much better overall that BTC will eventually be pushed to the back burner… ETH is headed to $500 and maybe even to $1000 by the end of the year if you ask me! Asian market hype plus all of the attention from Russia/Putin are just the beginning of ETH.

MOORE C says:

everyone is also skeptical with btc right now because of the segwit endeavor on the horizon which leaves question. questions lead to fear. after august everything will be fine.

Mathieu Belanger-Camden says:

A lot of speculation and you will see more roller coaster chart.

Vincent Fiorini says:

Fuck ETH. This shit is finished. Can't handle 1 ICO but wants to be "The Next Internet" hahaha get the hell out of here with that shit.

john barry says:

"and so the network problems are actually good because it means there is high demand for ethereum". Really funny way to hamster out of the network having trash fundamentals!

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