Is it possible for Bitcoin to reach $100k in 2019? YES IT IS!

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Clarence Heathcote says:

Thanks Vandam

McSlackmaster says:

I think this is the institutional effect

Nick Hiams says:

I think it was one of your videos, you had a parabolic green curve following BTC price up since 3100. I tried to recreate the curve and extend it. I drew 2 curves so they overlaid otherwise its very difficult to get a fit. Then I extended the curve into 2020. 100k is broken. EXACTLY 27th Dec 2019, coincidence it fits with the end of year bull run we get most years (we even had a small one in 2018)? What do you think?

PresidenteHollanda says:

Sorry to say, but i follow you now for some weeks during this so called BULL-RUN. But there you are one of them all that put extra wood on to the FOMO fire every day. This is what big traders are waiting for, more YT channels shouting out "IT CAN ONLY GO UP!!!! BUY NOW,RIGHT NOW!!!!" There are always two scenarios, but you only see the one going UP. Remember … "what goes up (fast), comes down (fast)". Be realistic and also warn your viewers there can be also a downside on FOMO … loosing a lot of money. Why? Because viewers on all those YT channels are poor people who want to get rich overnight, but the will be overrun by the big guy traders first and loose a lot of money to big hunters.

Justin guindo says:

Nice pyjamas dude 😎

Re Upload Videos says:

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Silva White says:

I think bitcoin will hit $30000 in December, but all these doesn't really matter to me, because I use a reliable trading assistants at a fare rate, All i have to do is to take my profits at the end of the week …

Skarlet says:

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bd geek says:

Don't get too excited sunny!

John Dow says:

lol Don't forget your space suit moon boy !!

David Ekstrom says:

well, let's see, if I have $5000 invested in Bitcoin right now, and it hits a price of $100K/BTC, that would mean my $5000 Investment would be worth roughly $38K….cuz $5000 would get me 0.3842893298 Bitcoin, and you multiply that by $100,000….There have been people that have made way more in Bitcoin back in 2017, with only this much invested, which tells me that $38 Return for 1 Year isn't all that much of a profit…So I think it's realistic that it could hit $1 Million/BTC. – MY BTC ADDRESS: 3PsGXzAqLjtvD22Z37QDQ24JZWFfLdqeS1 Thanks! 🙂

Crypto Colax says:

1 Trillion BTC by the year 6489. HODL !!!

flokiz z says:

BS, can't reach 100k this year it's non sense

Thiago Santos Oliveira says:


Alex 1111 says:

It's scary that BTC dominance going up too much.. No new money coming in.. Alts will collapse fully and then BTC will collapse.. Just tread carefully and don't buy this price

Live Free says:

The price goes up after the halving because the miners move their money from mining( electricity) to the asset pushing the price up. Btc is not Ltc.

Douglas S. Noble says:

Yes. The question is… Bit Coin is different than Lite Coin. Do you selll 100 K in February three months before the Halving. Or… Because it is different and we are expecting a three year bull run, Is there a retrace and immediate Parabolic rocket up?

Will Howell says:

I have been wondering about the significance of the LTC halving for many days. I agree that it seems to be baked in the cake now. Is it a ruse by whales to get people to dump LTC at current levels?

Turk Sandwich says:

Crypto Fear and Greed Index is at 83… for what it is worth.

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