Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? | My Perspective

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What do you think about Bitcoin at these levels? Are you optimistic for the short term? Are you tired of the forks? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!




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Michalramzes1 says:

These videos are getting longer and longer.. packed with information of course, but my day still only got 24 hrs :/

innerhealthfoundation says:

Right on, couldn't agree more. @ 28 mins you share a wise and fruitful realization and request. Let's root out the weakness that eats away at the foundation of the bitcoin technological sovereignty, and that of our own.

R Bizzle says:

I'm cautious with my BTC only trading pair alts. Given a steep and deep correction could happen relatively soon after the fork any bounce in the alt could be meaningless if all you can trade back to is BTC which has decreased massively. I haven't seen this topic discussed anywhere. Perhaps I'm missing something fundamental. I'd love to see Nick do a video on what to consider with trading pairs. In the case of a big BTC drop off you'd likely be better off selling for ethereum providing it holds its value more.

BinHexOctal says:

Forks are not bad if there is consensus. This notion of all forks are bad is ridiculous.

Passion Seeker says:

How do we gather together??

Bitcoin QueenZ says:

Another great video Nick😍👍🏻

Passion Seeker says:

This man speaks the truth

Fomo Fud says:

Possible video idea:

I read this on a crypto forum:

TL;DR: CME futures and timing of launch 2 days before contentious hard fork is very positive for bitcoin.

Movement Everyday says:

you da man! Keep it coming, and soon what you say will have major influence, more than you already have!

Confurmers says:

Hey, love your videos! I'm pretty new to crypto, but just wanted to ask a couple of things. I was just watching your great coins to look out for in 2018 from the beginning of October. I noticed a lot of these coins are even lower than they were when you recommended them, and I think this is due to altcoins dropping against the bitcoin rise? I'd like to move bitcoin into some of these given what you're saying about the overinflated bitcoin, but wondering whether waiting till the fork is a bad idea. Or, which is better: gaining the bitcoin 2x or switching to altcoins to exploit the relative low price?

Bitcoin QueenZ says:

I agree Nick run slow but sure analyze and not get fomo

Tech Shrink says:

I hear loads of "i want to make loads of money off you " reverse psychology going on here mate. 🙂

Alex Vancomerbeck says:

Hey Nick, I am pretty new to crypto and I have no doubt that blockchain technology is the future BUT not convinced that BitCoin is. Why would a major company adopt Bitcoin instead of creating their own blockchain? Wouldn't institutional money be more likely to invest in blockchain technology if Microsoft or Apple was the one developing it?
If a big company like Microsoft or IBM was to release their own blockchain that is serving the same function as Bitcoin, what would that mean for Bitcoin? What does Bitcoin offer that couldn't be offered by a more established company that would make it seems more secure for potential investors?

To me, it seems like most of these companies making blockchain technology are small startup companies which is great, but I doubt that big established tech companies aren't going to come up with something themselves and not sure if these small companies would be able to survive…

LUKA says:

Would you do vid on strat? Im soo bullish on it

Crypto Junkies says:

Without predicting how high it goes before the fork i'll tell all of you %30-%40 pullback soon thereafter.  The money will go into alt coins I'm certain.  People know these are supposed to get a push up and also people have no idea about the tax ramifications of cashing out.  keeping them in the system i.e. alts is the best plan of attack.  Expect privacy coins to do extremely well!  That's my two cents soon to be 1.2-1.4 cents 🙂

Jeremy says:

you are looking at it on the weekly chart so obviously, you won't see any pullbacks…..and people get into BTC for money not for "ideals" its about MONEY point blank period. It is due for a pullback but dont try to hack at BTC as "unethical" when you sit here shilling coins to idiots all day

Geoff Burrell says:

You are bang on. B2X is a cash grab, and I think long term will be seen as such. The only way to scale BTC is side chain transactions outside of the block. When we are increasing by multiple orders of magnitude of demand on volume, increasing block size as a means of scaling will continually be insufficient to keep up. I say stay strong in BTC and hold alt coins during the fork to cash in on the post fork trade-off.

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