Is It TOO LATE To BUY BITCOIN? (The Shocking Truth)

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In this video I answered the question of, Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? I don’t think it’s too late to invest in Bitcoin and here’s why.

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**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.


Ryan Hildreth says:

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Justin Rus says:

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Ultravista.SG says:

Bitcoin is a trap to attract illegitimate money and confiscate it. All investment goes through spikes to attract the greedy and trough when the sharks take profit. No asset spike forever.

Samson Do says:

Great video

DumbledoreMcCracken says:

It is never too late to buy into a Ponzi scheme.
It is always going to be merely a speculative endeavor.
The price will increase forever, until the day it collapses.
Bitcoin is a deflationary fiat money. It can never be spent. It can never be loaned. It can only be bought and held, and only a fool would make purchases with, or currency conversions out of, Bitcoin. That is the case for any deflationary money (like gold) in a world that grows in population. Deflationary money becomes more valuable with time, until it collapses from hoarding. However, you don't want to understand how money works.
Do I wish I had bought $200 in the very beginning? Sure. Do I believe this is going to end well? I believe this could crash the world economy, which might reset things in a good way.

asdasda says:

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Cornelius Haiyambo says:

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Jevgenijs Matjusenkovs says:

I'm just getting into it. great vid! thx!   1Pyq7YD6tikJryGVN8kv35nh7wrFj9DRPp

aloha maui says:

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Tobo Wins says:

While it seems very likely it will rise significantly in the Long term, consider this hypothetically: A new investor buys bitcoin at its current price, and it turns out to be the peak of this current hype cycle. Do they have the balls to hodl, and resist the urge to sell when their investment is down 30%, 40% or 80% back down to 1k? In that case it could hover down around there for quite a while before the next hype cycle starts.
Anyway: 1FdLqfSwcTtxZKVMSLgCGQYbouH9QCBa4P

Oscar Roi Enriquez says:


Interconnect says:

Very interesting information my friend, thanks for sharing

jhon kaezer Poligrates says:

3GS3iQLf9eTzvaZE5313S44u2594RF9UiE never to late

Henri Linden says:

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Ramy G says:

Oh boy, I feel for the people who followed your advice and bought Bitcoin

Jedi Master Ailan says:

I'm looking back at history. You make a good point. It is like facebook, with more users, the valuation becomes higher. Well thats where BCH comes in… Poor people can actually own BCH and transfer it, not just the super rich. The doors for BTC users is closing. Also when I sell people on CC and tell them about BTC they realize that its a lot like a bank and the stock market with huge delays and huge fees. 3 Months ago BCC .07 BTC. Yesterday .15. Today 20%. The whole reason we're here is the original vision with cheap fees. More greed took over a good thing. Luckily you can get in and make huge when theflippening happens. Don't listen to rich guys making you tons of promises. Research everything on both sides and make up your own mind.

Nic Parker says:

Hey dumb shit get off the computer. MOMMY IS CALLING BIACH! Take my advice don't listen to kids, kids….

Nic Parker says:



It’s never too late!!


Darren Connelly says:

Good video mate 14ULzaEATFQQ4zvZ2oqScbvyPb4hnq2miT

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