Is Jason Bond Picks a Scam

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Jason Bond’s “Harvard” University Speech

Jason Bond Picks: Millionaire Roadmap? Or Pathway to Financial Disaster?

Jason Bond, is he the real deal, or a scam? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Stephen Grass says:

Here's my take.

1. People make more money from advice than from trading.
2. Its a business fraught with fakery, and not well policed.
3. VERY few people, like maybe 1%, of people who trade make consistent money.
4. I bought a small house from one of his "students" who did, in fact, do very well with Bond's system. So there are some. I won't name him, but Bond does.The guy won a new 911 Porsche from Bond.
5. He may very well have chart patterns that work well. But there is still the issue of having the right discipline and personality.
6.I think there are better ways to become knowledgable about the markets.

Just my observations and opinions.

Superior CBD Hemp Oil says:

Really appreciate you looking out for hard working, honest people trying to get ahead. The world needs more people like you who take the time to educate all of us!
Thanks for the video

Trendy Pips says:

They rent those cars and houses in the videos.

Smurfn Wheels says:

As of 2019, i signed up for freedom trader and he has delivered as promised so far!!! I found that 85% of his picks actually do go up!!! His picks are good, You should due your own research before buying!!!

Vino Maia says:

youtube allow scammers ads…

DIRGES in the DARK says:

Jason's room in 2014-2015 was totally awesome!

John Pena says:

All of the Raging Bull Gurus Email you what they "already" traded. I have noticed by the time the trade is emailed. the stock or option has gone up to their advantage. I asked about this in an email but no response. However, I have found that in one of their programs I signed up for with Jason Bond my money WAS refunded.

kiki titus says:

send me a jet plane, to help us all out.

raanie ayo says:

I got a Jason Bond ad for this video. What are the odds.

Nathan Davis says:

Super helpful video! Thanks for looking out for us

Forex Signal 24 says:

13 dislike are his affiliate and his fellow con artist. Like this comment if you are agree with me

Austria Germany says:

another tai lopez jerk off liar

JL CQ says:

Great video Kevin. We will see this guy in American Greed soon!

Natasha Lall says:

someone who is just trying to get ur money will basically try to 'sell' u something… when u hear the best investors in the world talk, they are hesitant and balanced in the advice they give vs an ex-gym teacher (with no mathematical or financial background) who says he has figured out the stock market, just follow these 3 rules and u will make millions… ummm pretty suspicious off the bat I'd say!

tand Witz says:

Jason bond best scammer

Chad Taylor says:

Great review. all true I wish I didn't know how right this is.

Shiina Ai says:

Whenever someone rich makes a youtube ad about wanting to make me rich, I naturally feel suspicious. Why would this guy want to teach me millions of people his winning techniques when it could make him lose money on the market?


Thank You Very Much whatever your Name Is. Most of the Complainant statements are True. What a Scam it is. I signed up for the Monthly Money Multiplier through Raging Bull two days ago and going to the Website, is just a Referral to Go to Kyle Dennis' "Biotech Breakouts". to enroll to the Program for more Money. Whatever I paid two days ago of $1497, I will just kiss "GOODBYE" and will request another Credit Card from the Card Company so their Auto Renewal will not work for me. You have an Incredible Job in exposing these FRAUDSTERS who obviously are devoid of Ethics. To become rich through this Scamming method is NAUSEATING. Again, thank you for exposing them through this Website.

matthe ai says:


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