Is Market Context the Holy Grail of Trading? | Crude Oil, Emini S&P, Nasdaq, Gold

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Oil and the E-minis continue to rotate back and forth inside those expanding triangles, while Gold is gaining momentum for a short-covering rally…

But no matter what market you’re trading tomorrow morning, the key is to make sure your entry set-ups agree with the market’s context – are you ready?
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Crude Oil is bearish with a strong run lower, but looking at the market’s context and it’s easy to see we’re sitting on the low of the expanding triangle, which is a horrible place to start selling…

Knowing this, my plan is to wait for a Crown Reversal set-up to buy going back up into the range on Thursday morning…

E-Mini S&P is bullish after a 123-Reversal sent the sellers running for cover, but now this bull market is way too high to start buying…

So my plan is to wait for a pullback to support levels, and I have my eye on the low of a new Hidden Channel down around 3070 tomorrow morning.

Nasdaq is bullish and back inside the range from earlier this week, which tells me I need to sit-on-hands and wait for a better location to buy more tomorrow morning.

And since it’s a range, the key is buying at support levels below the range, such as the round number down at 8200.

Gold is bullish and trading sideways with a narrow range, which tells me to look for buy set-ups under the range using “expansion” support levels…

And looking closer to the chart, those “expansion” levels line up perfectly with the low of a new Hidden Channel, so all we need is a pullback and the entry signal!
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tami tam says:

I love your passion brother.

Max B says:

Love your vids. One thing is scenarios you provide are great but sometimes market gaps and at the open scenarios are invalidated .Like today /CL and /ES did the precise move you described but already complete in overnight session. Of course you cannot account for every gap scenario (would take too long) – just pointing what sometimes invalidates your excellent analysis for the actual RTH session

Mr. Moneyman says:

My biggest problem in trading is that my targets are rarely hit, for instance I sold CL at 57.30 after that small gap got filled expected a
follow through, especially after that build in report, price came down, my target was at 56 which was a major support, expected that to happen in asian session. Well exactly opposite happened, came right back on me while I was asleep.
Follow through usually happens when I m on the opposite side of the trade. My point is, I always struggle to find balance and to close that trade when I m in fat profit.

Fouad Ashraf says:

Which time frame do you use?

a4givn11 says:

grateful for all your work don't change anything.

Eugene Chernyshov says:

Hi JJ. Could you please suggest whether 41:41 failure was actually crown reversal with higher swing #2 and trap at the bottom as a "confirmation"?


you are becoming more passionate after each video,fabulous analysis.

rain Lee says:

Learned a lot from you. Thx :))


there is a visible spike down in crude oil….why are u not commentin for a spike and RANE ,,,spike and channel ,,,spike and fla… or spike and wede down there??? excuse me for my typo errors,,,,as one alphabet ,,the one after F is not keyin…on my keyboard


at 20th minute of this video… u are takin of a simple buyer failure at the top…(actually the market was supposed to be very bullish until that point) wont it atleast take a nested failure or crown reversal to reverse and fall at this juncture? but the markets fell as they bumped into a major over head RESISTANCE of three days.


in crude oil …u cannot strait away anticipate the bears to fail, that too after such a nasty fall. just bcos it is there in the buy zone. please, respect the short term momentum first… proof of bear failure and only then think of bein a buyer.


SHORT TERM MOMENTUM now a days is the HOLY RAIL in crude oil tradin… remember, if u trade opposite to that…u are equivalent to a ROOKIE


The one element always missin is ur explanation for what happened yesterday? for instance…in crude oil..u were bullish on 6/11/2019. u ticked all boxes for a buy. finally,.it was not a crown reversal or 1-2-3 reversal, neither 1-2 break breakdown for such bearishness last nite. the market fell flat on its bum. that fall was the major move of the day. and for the past three days,,,,the markets have faced strict overhead resistance.. on 6/11/19, we ended with a fall. wont we have another streak of fall to follow on 7/11? still, u r only expectin a crown reversal to buy or 1-2-3 breakout at the bottom for a sell even at this juncture? suppose today the market falls,,,as happened yesterday,,,u will simply state,,,,the buyers failed for whatever reason and just move on…. by the way,,,did u profit on 6/11/2019 buyin crudeoil ?

Fouad Ashraf says:

Why don’t you make the same for US30 too if possible?

Joseph James says:

Market context is the ONLY real "holy grail" for day trading, because the right context turns even the worst entry patterns into winners, while going against the context will cause great setups to fail – do you know the context of the market YOUR trading right now?

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