Is Now The Best Time To Invest In Crude Oil? (TOP 4 STOCKS)

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As Crude oil finishes the week green and approaches the SMA line on the 180 day 4 our time frame. We ask the question if crude oil is a buy right now? Supplies have started to decline quickly, with signs of demand improving even ahead of lockdown measures being eased. What is next for oil?

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Qwe flex1 says:

This dude dissed oxygen

Satan Exposed says:

half of your videos are becomeing so damn repetitive man, you repeat the same lines over and over i get that its targeted for noobs but its taking up half of your content

Lucas says:

It’s like a 70% chance to go up and a 30% chance to go down in my eyes. With the demand increasing as more states open up but the uncertainty of this entire thing makes me think it can easily go back down again.

Michael S says:

Say check out the ETF GUSH…There's looks to be some opportunity there when this thing explodes….I think.

Edi2019 says:

I would wait for confirmation until break in pattern then start with a small position calculate a percentage goal and only increase my position if there is still confirmation of an uptrend

Robert Lewis says:

I'm considering investing, but I'll keep a close eye on it. My country just announced easing off on the lockdown in 5 stages over the coming months. I imagine many countries will do the same soon.

Mikey Dobbs says:

Murphy's law. Didn't need to gas up much and it's been cheap. I'm going back to work and I'm gonna use more, so it will be more expensive.

A-Train Travels says:

Awesome break down Ricky! Love your passion for this.

Joseph Anthony says:

Buffett pulled out of Airline stocks today predicting much less air travel. “Too many planes.” He also mentioned a downfall in oil. Do you think this can happen?

Environex says:

Ricky what monitor do you have

Montoney says:

“It’s one google search away”😂😂

Jonathan Brunnet says:

What about fang, known as diamondback energy? I have a few share of this and should I hold for the long term

Lil Szn says:

Always love the content man!

Jairo Leal says:

Take a look at PXD!

Sunly Choeuk says:

Warren Buffett sold all his U.S airline stock. I own airline stock a lot don’t know what to do

Mario Kart says:

I made the mistake of buying long oil ETF calls. The ETF defaulted and they just decided to cash out so I lost everything I put into it

Mehmet Dinçarslan says:

Can we contact Ricky? İmportant.thanks.

Sebastien Devaleriola says:

Ricky running out of ideas … or just addicted to oil hmm

Jk love these updates very interesting and informative

Noob-Rules says:

We all need a hair cut

L0C0OO7 says:

/wti? I don't see it.

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