Is the Dumb Money RIGHT About Bitcoin?

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What are the probabilities that the majority of people are correct about bitcoin? What is the most likely move? We explain in video.

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To see the full clip from historian Professor Aslan:


Ali Zamani says:

Good job 👍
It’s good that you analyse the chart based on facts and your review isn’t biased because you consider all the possibilities not just saying that btc is at the bottom and we are going to moon 😀. Best regards

ShortTheWorld now says:

We live in a simulation, hooked up to wires leading into a super computer.

goran zderic says:

plase what is trade what is investmeent and chart difrencccciaaaaaall

Sharon Smith says:

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lucysluckyday says:

It's a difficult market. There are still rumours of big finance backers buying in while the price is cheap, yet there are only 17 million coins in existence, so they are taking a sizeable proportion (a powerful influence on price). Two things. If big fish only buy when the price is low, then it might stifle the price from going up. If they panic with a falling/non-moving price (deem it a bad investment), then they have a lot of coins they need to dump to get out, which could cause a collapse.

russel16 oscar says:

Reza Aslan is your favorite author, it makes me laugh. I hope u make urself educated in that field of work. He derogates other faiths specially christianity and tries to preach modern islam since people in the west dont buy old islamic mumbo jumbo.

Péter Takács says:

The way you talk 10 minutes about absolutely nothing is fascinating. If it goes above 6200 then it's likely to go higher and if it goes below 6200 then it's likely to go lower. Genius.

Emmerich says:

dumb money was right btw. bitcoim hasnt seen his bottom at all. there is no bullish long term sign.

Amun Anubis says:

Is fib a percentage?

CM RJ says:

What chart provider is it? 🤔

Lonao says:

Dumb money is people who keep wasting money to buy "dips"

Lou says:

So its likely that we go up or down, nice. And what happened to our rally to 10k?

Sandro Di Marco says:

So it’s possible that bitcoin can go down… and it’s also possible that bitcoin can go up… amazing… love these charts… yada yada yada…

Yousef Nasir says:


Kurt Laengner says:

You can find certainty on the blockchain 😉

Leeroy Grabill says:

every bitcoin money is dumb!!!!!! u will never make any money collecting bitcoins.

naturecollision says:

is it possible the last rally to 6.8k was a failed rally? yes absolutely, is it likely? yes why not 😉

Ken Semotiuk says:

Bitcoin will continue to move sideways and down! The party is over!

LAUCH3D says:

if you only look for likelyness then dont you go for normal distribution like bachelIer, markowitz,…? For non-ergodic experiment like BTC/Dollar there are big moves possible but very unlikely. But this doesnt mean that BTC will not crash tomorow or buble up next week. The hyper-inflation of deutsche Mark was also realy unlikely, but it happened. Everybody going for normal-distribution will reach an uncle-point sooner or later.

SkillGame says:

Great analysis as per usual, so glad I've found your channel. Very helpful, thank you.

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