Is the Stock Market about to CRASH?

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DISCLAIMER! This is for education and entertainment purposes only! Don’t take anything anyone says on the internet too seriously without consulting a professional financial adviser first 😉



jiminfested says:

Can't believe I missed the last one in the series

No Google, I don't want to use my real name. says:

It is guaranteed to crash, not even a question.

banksyruleu042 says:

These were so good! Thanks!

Leo Petrovski says:

do an investing month!

Cat D. F says:

Highest student debt, highest personal debt, highest government debt 21 trillion ( that we know about) a lot is off book, global slow down, geo political concerns, Trade wars – tariffs. A lot of triggers exist. Start buying some silver, it has a great set up.

winced df says:

Student loan bubble could trigger a recession.

Matt McCracken says:

Well done, and very well balanced. I am betting on a broad market decline as interest rates rise. The economy is doing well, but so much of this is built on debt that may not get repaid. When interest rates normalize, I will get back into stocks, and maybe real estate. Until then I am sitting on the sidelines.

The Golden Ninetales Dansk says:

Thanks for the investing ads on my vidoes

Tilted Fate says:

I have absolutely no idea why you made these videos, but gotta say i like em a lot. Keep up the good work

Caspar Broryd says:

Damn Bgay your quite good at this sorta stuff

Bennett says:

Damn gbay just got some brekshire Hathoway stock for graduation

Rick DiAgostino says:

Hey Gbay! You are awesome and financial week is a great idea. I agree with most of what you said except for the part where you don't know what could trigger a crash in the market. I think the biggest and most obvious trigger for a market crash is the student loan bubble, which was not mentioned in this video. I highly encourage you to look into it. Almost all investors I know are saying that this is going to be worse than the housing bubble. Here is an article below from Bloomberg about the student loan bubble. Keep up the awesome work!

Blue Rays says:

"Don't take anything anyone says on the internet too seriously without consulting a professional financial adviser first"

simon van beekum says:

Love this serie, keep it up

John Bergmann says:

Great content here

drew tube says:

These comments are fantastic, gbay100 community best community

totalwar235 says:

I have heard a crash could come from the used car loans due to the high interest rates

JootBird says:

thank you gbay

Lucky7z says:

Dear Gbay, I've been investing for a little over 3 years now (not that that makes me an expert or anything) and I agree with you that there are signs that a recession could come, and that the economy is doing well, which gives reason to believe that there isn't a crash coming, and I'm right there with you ready to take advantage if there is a crash, but I don't think there will be and here me out. In all honesty I think we've wised up. A lot of the things that can cause a crash we are aware of and most likely won't let happen again so there probably isn't a crash coming in the near future. Given that we are aware of a lot of the big things that could cause a crash and that we won't let those things happen again, perhaps it's smaller things we have to look out for? Then again, all things that caused crashes in the past we had never seen before so it's hard to say what will cause a crash since we likely have never seen it. What I will say that could cause trembles in the near future is rising gas prices.

My bet, is that since the economy is doing well and doesn't have crazy price to earnings ratios that at least for the next couple years the worst case scenario would be that we just see a tad bit of slower growth than expected or non-rapid crazy unrealistic growth. Does wising up mean that we simply have our sights set on realistic growth rates for the first time?

SomeChubb says:

I live at home with my parents and I have a good amount saved up from scooping ice cream the last couple years. Would you recommend continuing to save for school and living expenses for when I move out or go ahead and invest now while I have my youth. Just asking for fun 😉

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