Is The Stock Market Crash About To Begin?

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Is the stock market crash just beginning and do you have a strategy to manage it if it occurs. Or are you confident that the worst is over and it’s time to find. Does the history of the GFC point us towards the near term price action. There are some similarities and also some differences and in today’s post I share my thoughts about the current “big picture” and some strategies that could be considered depending on your view of the future.

The material and information presented in this video is for general information purposes only.
You should not rely on any of the information presented as a basis for making your own investment decisions.
Whilst I endeavour to present information that is correct, I make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of that information for your investment decisions.
Any reliance you place on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk.


AL says:

Nostradamus is back 😂

Ken Mc Leod says:

The Stockmarket – the biggest Ponzi scheme ever devised!

MrFourkinghell says:

Sorry John, but I think you are completely wrong. I am not talking about at some point in the future but as of now. I moved heavily back into the markets over the last 2 weeks, trading mostly. The markets are going higher. How much higher? Dunno, but for the moment it is going higher.
Shorts are getting slaughtered. Longs are cleaning up. Personally i have made a killing in KGN, TAH, EML, BPT, APT , MQG and my real killer SAR. You are overly concerned with the negativity that pervades utube. In 4 weeks time, basically everything is going to be open, including the NRL. I think only the failed state of victoria can't make a decisions on the AF L, they can't even let kids go back to school. Basket case of a state.
Yeh unemployment is going to be up, yeh some of the shops won't re open. Yeh property prices will be down a bit for a while.But immigration will be down, squads of third worlders are no loss to the economy, " visa holders" will be down, interest rates are down and govt support is up.
Money has to go somewhere. Deposit rates are likely to be cut bit by bit. Who knows, maybe china gets cut back and we start making more stuff here. Other industries are on the rise to fill the post covid era. Kogan can't stop going up as it is well positioned to become the leading local online seller. Afterpay had an incredibly good report a week ago.
Maybe the ASX doesn't go back to 7000 but it goes higher than 5300. Get in.

Dennis Thai says:

Good contents John. Market is lost & confused right now so I prefer to hold cash on the sideline waiting for it's deployment when the BIG sale arrives.

Dansplained says:

Laid out plain and simple, thanks mate, we've all got a lot to learn from your experience – you've got a new subscriber

James dow says:

Quick rebound? Funny money playing funny tricks.

James dow says:

When the last man loses the last job the stock market will be at its zenith. Proving it ain’t no market.

Garry Q says:

Opening any newspaper will provide a multitude of reasons to despair yet the market is rebounding strongly – the market is forward looking and looks beyond the current turmoil of this year – the alternative for investors is sub 1% cash returns in the bank which will underperform inflation over the medium to long term – keep your money in the bank in 5 years time you will have amassed approx 5% – shares may be a bumpy ride yet the returns over 5 years will almost certainly exceed that – in most cases markets return to new highs within 44 months – thats the average – if you believe the market will not perform you should give up on investing and probably just go fishing.

Mark Nordgård says:

Gold and silver crash start now

james morton says:

SUCKERS . . high profits = no labor needed, and if it was, the Chinese do it.

The 1% have all the wealth, and make the rules.

Dr. Richard Wolff;

Here's what we need and are not getting: A NEW DEAL

A program to transform our economy, enterprise by enterprise, so

it meets our social needs, not primarily the private profits of what is

a tiny minority of corporate executives, and major shareholders.

If we don't do that, we're going to get, again, what we got after 2008.

You know what that is? The same capitalism that existed before,

That waltzed us into the crisis of 2008, was established, and waltzed

us into this one."

dump trump, then we can get serious.









jimmy says:

Everyone on youtube is calling for more falls. Youtubers call 50 of every 2 market falls.

jomar1969 says:

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Dennis G says:

Dow didn't drop on 22 M filing for unemployment but will skyrocket when 1M people return to work. Hmmmm…

Dennis G says:

Dow didn't drop on 22 M filing for unemployment but will skyrocket when 1M people return to work. Hmmmm…

di brentley says:

Whats your view on holding physical gold ?

Guided Investor says:

Thanks for sharing John. I think the market has some pain to come yet and the current reports coming out of the big banks might just kick that off. Unemployment figures will start to look bad but I dont think the unemployment figures will paint the true picture of just how much this is impacting people and the economy. At the moment I am waiting patiently, not selling out of existing holdings, but continuing to build cash 👍

YH CHUNG says:

All guys like you on YouTube say the market is more likely to go down. This is not what the market will do when all of you have the same idea in mind.


You forgot to add that this PLANNEDEMIC has a death rate less than the seasonal flu.

Nicky Yap says:

Don't forget to buy as much as you can if you see any crash. Get good fundamental stocks that will reward you when the market rebound.. A lot of analysts predict about crash but they forget to remind you to buy up good beaten down stocks. Crisis don't come often.

Julian Crooks says:

It's just a matter of time, when all bailout money is gone. People will lose their homes, loans will default and everyone filing bankruptcy. This will crash banks and businesses so everyone loses their jobs

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