Is the Stock Market Getting Ready to Crash?

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It’s beginning to look a lot like 1987! Volatility in the stock market, largely due to President Trumps trade war with China, is spooking investors. Will there be a major selloff in the near future?

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crystal cactus says:

1929 collapse was to guarantee ww2. which created u.n. which created Israel. there will not be a definitive market collapse until the greater Israel project complete at which point the u.s. can be rolled up & asset striped. – markets run on sentiment (feelings) not the tangible. secret societies will not be stopped if so by who. ?

James W Moody The Patron of Philadelphia says:

New sub! I'm really really glad I found your Channel.

Inst4F4v says:

Yes the market will crash, its tech bubble 2.0, the market has to crash, and since the government cant start a hot war (propaganda doesn't work anymore) , they are starting a trade war, market crashes and then fed has an excuse not to raise rates later this year, its a win win for the USA at the expense of peoples retirement, baby boomers really screwed up and gave the country away to bankers.

BADD1ONE says:

Wall street is and has always been a scam.

Polijuana Cracker says:

Stinks of George Soros he has interests in every one of those companies!

Parfour80 #pro says:

85% of the profits are going to the top 1%. 50% of the workers are pay check to paycheck or Worse.


I remember when the stock market lost 350 points…they would shut down for an hour….NOW…it loses 600 or 700 points n NO NEWS REPORTED HARDLY ABOUT THIS….INSANITY!!! THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT AN INFORMED PUBLIC….They still want you investing anyway…WE WANT ALL YOUR MONEY $$$$$$$

michael12991 says:

load of rubbish

Rebel with a cause says:

The stock market is shakier than Deputy Barney Fife chasing a bank robber. Time to buy gold, silver and lead. Every 9 years on average the market tanks…we're overdo. Barf bag manufactures and suicide assistance hotlines will do well when the crash comes. Laxatives makers…not so well. Loosing half your wealth is the ultimate laxative.

The frog says:

Nope just a long overdue move by the US. If you didn't the whole thing would be taken by a nation that steals all you work .

Dark Alley Defender says:

Hello fellow Collapsitarians !! How are you going to handle the crime and violence that will surely follow? I know its an ugly reality but if you dont have the basic streetsmarts or training you are going to become a victim.

Gean Jones says:

Good thread Jake..All who commented I want to thank. We educate one another beginning with Jakes presentation.Better than a college economics class

Gean Jones says:

Thank you Jake.I do my own portfolio & I put it in ethanol,cattle,corn distillates for whiskey & vinegar…trying to stay with items of eating & drinking & driving.Hopefully it won't hurt me so bad.Please keep on educating us on Wall Street b/c Wall Street & our government employees are in bed together. All co.s that make war weapons should hold quite well during this saber rattling time but their dividends are too low for me to live off of

weirdpuckett says:

So what if it does???……it should be expected……money is no God……to me anyway……sadly, if it crashes you will know precisely who DID believe money was god……

master mind says:

how many times have I heard this ?Maybe the rich should ask themselves why it will crash , when there is a pile of dust accumulating on their stashed money ! Let the money flow ! Encourage local economy and STOP being so GREEDY ! SPEND IT !

Zizzy Balluba says:

Jake please study the works of Martin Armstrong and you'll see why you are wrong, read his blog

Rich Quebas says:

Why fear the inevitable, just prepare for it.

Mark B says:

I'm 100% certain it will go up or down

Pounce Onyou says:

Serious investors can consult with me as to when the Dow Jones will bottom out.

Pat Mac says:

Checkout flash crash from 2010 on YouTube a guy calls the whole thing down on the floor

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