Is there a stock market crash looming?

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Rasmussen Reports Political Analyst Amy Holmes, AP Congressional Reporter Erica Werner, Smart Trade Pro Founder D.R. Barton and Shaffer Asset Management CEO Dan Shaffer on how the legislative process for President Trump’s agenda has affected the markets.


Jose Morer says:

Market is going up and will be up the trend in advance to make great again.

anna mega says:

it's terrible also for Europe no more future

Terry Russel says:

Of course there will be !
It's a cycle ! ! ! It has happened before and for the same reasons !
Political Maneuvering, Government Interference and Greed !
SO LONG AS WE THE PEOPLE DON'T OVER REACT to something that happens on a regular basis, and has for uncounted generations, We Will Survive It.
So get out the plow and the canning jars and start planting that garden before the Refresher Training starts !

Camer Pikin says:

The most incompetent WH in History. #Covfefe

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