Is Tim Sykes a scam?

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Is Tim Sykes a scam? Many claim he is a fraud. The truth is that he is probably not lying, but his strategy definitely isn’t scalable.


Goku says:

Anyone interested I have several DVD's of Sykes, Dux, Grittani Investors live

Justin Reily says:

I would say Tim Sykes is a fraud because I'm sure he's made more money selling his program that charges anywhere from $75-$150 per month, than he ever has with penny stocks.

hoffmanxgunnar says:

If you really wanna make money with the stock market trade with rob Hoffman he is the real deal

Sentinel says:

tim sykes trade pennystock and is a hedge funds lol

Michael Mirro says:

Options good, Penny stocks bad

Shehryar Khan says:

Whoever posted this is a fucking hater who can just hate on other people. What Tim teaches is actual real shit and you’re just someone who likes to sit on their broke ass tryna hate someone teaches others how to be rich

Flory Patti says:

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Traveler Happy says:

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John Nowakowski says:

Penny stocks are a scam, and his "strategy" is to out-scam the scammers at their own game. This is not trading…

no name says:

I trade with Tim you dumbshits. he taught me how to trade and i bought my first house cash two months ago cause of him. you are just some hateing broke ass faggits. trash will always hate

Linda Gold says:

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little big big says:

hi everyone, i have all of Tim skyes DVDs. i honestly think it is a waste of money to buy all his DVDs coz they are so expensive. email me at to get the DVDs for free!

Pamela Mellor says:

Save your money, buy Bitcoin, it's a much safer investment. Tim Sykes makes most of his money off of his videos, subscriptions and challenge students that pay $5,000-$6,000. Most of his students lose money and he's banking big time off them.

Michael M says:

Watch the Stephen Dux video and how he says, "It's Easy!!!!" LMFAO! Great testimonial for Tim Sykes. What he doesn't tell you is that most of his students lose money and most of his profits are not made from trading, they are made off of the 5K+ per challenge student tuition that his sales reps try to charge you. Most people will end up making much more money in the long run by simply buying and going long on Bitcoin.


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Cryptonian says:

He is a arrogant cunt that makes money by selling courses.

logan marsh says:

Do not gamble with your money get an accurate strategy and trade wisely if you need someone who's strategy is very accurate and allows you to win more than 90% on every trade you place you really need to get in touch with MR prescott contact him via email on prescottmillwal@gmail. Com

SR HD says:

Sykes is not investing people. Seriously, pull your heads out of your butts.

Randy4me says:

90% of people on this planet aren't mentally capable of making money on the stock money no matter how many $800 DVD's you buy. That was predetermined while you were in the womb. He is teaching some very "Basic" trading info for an arm and a leg.

Digital Coins says:

Listen to what he said "its all about gettin more and more students" hmm scam alert

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