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Michael L. Dunn says:

*Off… It's blast off not blast of. 🙂 Otherwise love your thoughts here. Looking at the hourly as of the close today, we officially made this exact shape with the sharp tip rally w zero volume. Potential significant sell off starting Monday? Hmm.

Happy Pancakes says:

Looks like we're forming a head pattern followed by 👇

AMARUT180 says:

I always rade based on what you say..hehe

Fluctuation says:

So John, You plan on shorting any DOW 30 companies during the next market crash? Cause we both know it will happen, and probably not to far in the future.

MORDHI says:

Are you in drugs or something else lol.

CrikeyWho says:

But John, in 1929 they didn't have Donald Trump making America great again.

tjsonic11 says:

bing bing bong bong lol love it…

John Howell says:

Free Master Trading Packages

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