It’s finally here, Dux’s Monthly Penny Stocks Statistical Report

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sam salomon says:

Hey Steve D. Doe these reports work long strategies and what is the minimum amount of capital should I have to short

Taylor Giavasis says:

Good stuff, but your voice makes me sleepy. I'm sorry lol

Bob Riddell says:

if a stock gaps up 25% it typically spikes 3.5% in first 30min and the low in next 30 min from the high of day typically is around a 15% drop.. thats the tracking ive done BUT stocks have had no borrows lately on the gap ups for whatever reason

KillaKam922 says:

King Dux! Youre analytical skills are a beauty. Gonna continue to study the patterns n put this statistical report to good use. Thanks for all the help and inspiration!

Bob Riddell says:

or say to yourself AFTER a stock spike 100% at the open how much more in the next 5 minutes does it continue to spike. if a stock spikes 100% and on average in next 5min you get no more than 10% spike you can just short at 100% spike with 10% stop where youd stop 1/2 at 10% and rest if holds above.. just a thought

Bob Riddell says:

once a stock is up 100% on a parabolic squeeze and shows a bearish sign its a good short! on CODX if shorted double top at 3.30 it held and busted through was that a loss for you?

Kathy Mehr says:

WOW I love it. these statistics are extremely useful. Thank you.

Firstname M says:

Kind of like this:

Just need tier 2 or 3 plan ("the narrative"). Although no live trades with so called 3 always working patterns with 90% success rate (according to interview with Tim Sykes). Oh and dont forget that for shorting without CenterPoint brokerage account (50k min deposit required) there will be no shorts available. And yet, its advertised for a starter trader with small accounts.

arky Berrospi says:

Nice Dux !!!

Marcus Brees says:

The thumbnail tho 😎🙏🏼

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