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Disclaimer: The information I discuss in the videos on this channel are only the views of myself and are not to be taken as financial advice. The purpose of these videos are to promote discussion and interest in the crypto-space. Also, we like to make jokes!

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Paul Goncharoff says:

Either way up or down this volatility is a vast opportunity to generate serious returns. Good overviews.

Sonic says:

Nevermind the Tether print machine. BRRRRR.

Jorrin Bruns says:

How many sats for some of those raisins?

DigiBen Will-Makeit says:

Great Vid bro!

Nur Azry Zainudin says:

You made me look on a different view Tyler, thanks! I am now convinced that we are going to have a bullish trend soon. Thanks mate!

Mike Catorce says:

Soon breakout

tripse7ens says:

Fingers crossed

Enrique Milian says:

To the Moon!

BangChief AllIsOne says:

#stronghands #BTFD #getagrip Salute Bradda

Free Recharge Nepal says:

Trying to understand

Jerry Cobb says:

Tyler you always give Awesome Ta on BTC Daily Thanks for everything

Tales_of_the_crypto Crypto says:

You're looking in the right direction! Death cross expected to take us lower, but does the opposite, maybe only up to 21ma or 8.3k to put in a doji, on the monthly, but still all is lost unless we get above 10.5k. Then we make a lower low. Surprising everybody bye doing the opposite… f&greed is low do the opposite of the herd…

Douglas Grosch says:

90% BTC owned by elite now so they can minipulate with MMakers and coinbase/binance ect… who own much… its when they want it all timed = ready ..

Steven Cornect says:

Crypto vape pen give away!!!!! I'm down!

tim young says:

juice me up with a ledger, brother

Walter J. C says:

I’m very surprised at how fast everything went kaput. Bitcoin should be 25K and the fact that it isn’t , concerns me. What am I missing ?

Fred Dickey says:

When it comes to cryptocurrency mostly the leading asset Bitcoin it always lively and gives me the best impression that there are better days ahead. No doubt, more and more traders would dump their altcoin and other investments to seek shelter in bitcoin because bitcoin is expected to rise above 90% by the end of the ongoing economic slowdown due to corona virus. for a good reason bitcoin has been able to hold strong the $6,500 support area against the US dollars and it possess a lot of strength so far that would signal a new uprise if the bulls can break pass the $6,800 resistance level.Due to my personal research i got to find out about Jeffrey Sanchez who is a pro trader and signal provider and has great knowledge on how the markets works, with his great signals i was able to achieve and grow my 1.5btc to a total of 6btc within 4 weeks of trading actively which you would agree is a very good profit and it's been going on for months, i will urge others who are willing to grow a strong portfolio ahead to make use of his accurate and profitable signals now. Jeffrey can be reach via Telgram @ Jeff_sanchez for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

The World of Izzy says:

Poll: Tomorrow market, Green or Red?

Zak Walters says:

Decoupling is the word you’re looking for! Haha, great TA

Russell Hobbs says:

You the man👍🏼

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