Jan 15 2019 – QQQ’s Breakout…

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The QQQ’s are the first Index ETF to close above their respective 50-day SMA on an end of day basis (though volume was light). SPY, DIA, IWM & MDY are getting close but not there just yet.

We also discuss ADBE, MU, JPM, NKTR, SPOT, PLCE and more!


Trust me on this… you’ve got to be at Thursday’s event… at either Noon ET or 8pm ET.

Within the first 5 minutes of going live, I’ll unveil the hottest proven stocks to kick off 2019 with a Bang… just like we talked about with NFLX. Have you seen it lately? It is soaring day after day right on schedule, again.

Over half the seats are gone for each event…

Register here for the Noon ET event on Thursday (Jan 17):

Register here for the 8pm ET event on Thursday (Jan 17):

I look forward to seeing you there,



John Wayne says:

Seems like the bull rallies are going up on weak volume than the selling volume when they go down… IMO. Waiting to see the volume pick up on the bull rallies then I'll believe.

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