Jim Rogers (Feb 14, 2018) – Stock Market Crash

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Jenny Noriega says:

I'd like to know exactly what date this recording was made. As for Jim, if you haven't read at least one of his books, don't be overly critical. He's a brilliant man. His only mistake I can think of is that he had dealings with Soros at one point; but this were before Soros launched his plans to change world politics.


Crashed for who?

Mathew says:

Spam ass idiot! This interview is from years ago.

DSC says:

Oh he's as smart as they get. Just research the Quantum fund and his net worth. Just the obvious truth "buy low and sell high". "Bulls and bears both make money but hogs get slaughtered". He has the same problem we all have which is it's almost impossible to time the tops and bottoms exactly right. He knows to get out ahead of the masses and to get back in early. Those that are greedy and stay in too long are going to get destroyed.

Barry Etherton says:

This guy is smart. When stocks go down. He will swoop in to get all the bargains. So can we trust this man ??

Osbye Cad says:

The Russians rule the world

Greg Massi says:

Get this ass off the internet.

Shawn Travels The World says:

Jim has been selling the same story for 40 years. That's his thing "invest in Russia, the stock markets gonna crash, Europe is a hot market." He will be selling this same story till he passes.

Eli Funkenstein says:

Well, he wasn´t ¨smart enough¨ to see the crash of the dollar coming.

Osbye Cad says:

Don’t listen to this guy —he is not smart enough.

freedum freedum says:

bears shit in the woods, everything else is false

grE68 says:

Imagine if Japan gets another big earthquake. We do not hear a thing in the media on how Fukushima is developing.

neal lariviere says:

every thing is false.

Jimmy Delmonico says:

They won't crash stocks until the elite can dump the shares to the peasants. Jesus can we stop with this nonsense

cheong teo says:

America need this kind of stupid more ; than the world were early had peace. It's good for mankind. That is peace for the world, let those jealous disappear and end. Wished god help, evils will not exists.

Apex Tyrannis says:

America must destroy China so the world is not taken over by a communist dictatorship that China is! We not only need a trade war against their slave labor and unfair trade practices, we need a real war and to support all of China's enemies to fight it!

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