Jim Rogers – Possible Stock Market Crash – Financial Analysis 2018

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Daily Voice News – Economic Collapse

The longtime Asia bull and Quantum Fund co-founder thinks the worst bear market of his lifetime is coming. He swung by our Hong Kong bureau to discuss the risks, as well as Trump’s Asia tour and why America could become its own worst enemy if it lets China dominate the region.

Investors have enjoyed an amazing run. Stock prices are up by nearly a third over the past 18 months and seem to be hitting new record highs daily. And the run-up has been almost a straight line, with stock price volatility—the ups and downs in prices—the lowest it has ever been.

But if you are an investor, soak all of this in, because it will soon be nothing but a memory. The stock market is due for a significant correction—defined as a greater than 10% decline in stock prices—and stock returns in the next several years will be very pedestrian if they increase at all.

It’s not that the stock market is a bubble ready to burst. Bubbles are created by speculation, when investors buy a stock simply because its price has risen strongly in the recent past, and therefore conclude it will rise strongly in the foreseeable future. This clearly characterized the tech bubble that inflated around Y2K. Investors piled into the stocks of dot-com companies, many without even understanding what the Internet was. Most of the companies weren’t making any money, and few had business models that seemed likely to ever generate profits. That bubble was also fueled by margin debt, as investors borrowed aggressively against their stock holdings to purchase even more stocks.


MakeMoneyHobby.com says:


Shawn Green says:

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Jim Rogers is a broken clock.

var1328 says:

buy gold and move to a private island.

seer says:

the market Will crash again when no one can tell.

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

The unlawfully manipulated up, 4X overpriced per historical measures for an economy in the toilet (negative 7% real GDP growth properly accounting for inflation and deficit spending) is killing this country, The ignorant just don't understand the direct and indirect effects.

Craig Bothwell says:

It’s possible that the moon will turn into a giant ball of green cheese, but not likely.

Silver Jaguar says:

Go buy your shiney gold silver and other metals while everyone else is making money in the market your can rub your gold bars and watch the price go down…. I learned a long time ago these pumpers are full of shyt… Your gold won't make you no money but my stocks are up over 50percent …no crash coming sorry guys economy is booming trust Trump and get in the market and make some money it's not to late

Silver Jaguar says:

This old fck being saying this same bs for last 6 years and he been wrong every year that's what he is most famous for just like Mike bologna and Peter shyt he is a gild pumper…. Yes if you predict something over and over year after year eventually any one will be right… All the pumpers are full of shyt get in the market and make some fckn money



Paul edw13 says:

Same old stuff time ,and time again. I'm not even gonna listen to it.


when Jim goes low market goes high – total loser! Trump stock market will keep breaking records next year tax cuts will push Dow Jones to 30,000

wayne mcclory says:

This is why I’m buying gold gold and silver coins from my local coin shop every week.

Michael Mastro says:

Does Jim Rogers know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior ?

ACTSRevolution says:

If debt is ANY sort of existential threat, then it is the credit aspect that is at the root of the question.  That means that increased debt is a strictly competitive consideration.  The WHOLE WORLD has been gushing debt since the early 20'oughts.  So who cares about increased debt?  Answer:  nobody.  Nobody can say debt is the threat.  The other problems, various macroeconomic allocation FUD he mentions, okay – fine!  So print more debt and reallocate to be more secure.  This is what fiat money is MADE FOR.  problem????

Jon Sekander says:

Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers are missing the boat ohhh lets say for last 10 years lol

Shady Pine Home - Capricorn says:

As long as the No Plunge Team keeps pumping up the Stock Market it will never crash. Every market is managed, the Bond Market sells off and the Fed pumps it up. Gold and Silver start climbing and paper trading slaps the prices down. The economy needs a fix, they print currency by the trillions. How can anything ever go wrong,,,lol.

Eddie Beer says:

Hey anything is possible, The world could end tomorrow too.

Neocharm says:

With all the manipulation going on, only the elite knows when they will drop the life-support. Ever when the 2008 crash went down the FED buffered the crash instead of letting it go it's natural way. So we are still running on QE's with bubbles only getting bigger. This can not continue and what is coming will make 1929 look like two kids fighting in grammar school. This will be like a full scale War.

Gabe Mesa says:

I listen to Jim and payed heavily. .
Market as tripled and I was watching for the sideline .. ,no fault of Jim ..but the manipulation and feds have distortion the whole system with HFT…it's a total scam..

Benjamin Hatchett says:

How long are you guys going to allow them to keep saying this?

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