John McAfee- Changes Bitcoin Prediction, Talks Facebook Privacy & FBI Director Comey

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John Mcafee has an interesting story. Patrick Bet-David talks to him about Facebook security, Bitcoin and his thoughts on the future of our privacy.

About John Mcafee:

John David McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994, when he resigned from the company.

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bonanzatime says:

He has a taste for Latina Poop.

Johnnie Two-Hats says:

John bout time ya put people straight , mailing lists were being sold to 3rd parties on the sly long before the internet Experion and all the other credit reference agencies were the principals of data abuse

Robert King says:

00:42:55 takes out his pistol to answer the door

rainbo5250 says:

I love John McAfee,….he is TRUTHFUL and he is on the side of the PEOPLE.

Please don't let 'Depp' play you in a movie, John,… he is a DEVIL WORSHIPER (factually) and I as well as many others will not watch that man.

Infinite Wisdom says:

He is just telling people the obvious. This guy is a crazy criminal with a gun living abroad. Don't kid yourself, he's just coming out now because he can and most people that use a computer and especially social media are dumb. Just look at all the young dumb comments on here that don't know who this guy is. LOL! I haven't bought antivirus in years. It's worthless.

John Player II. says:

why is this guy walking free, I thought he killed a man??

ok so: he got charged with murder on 2 accounts in Belize, fled the country, faked a heart attack to get back to the USA and never got charged for the murders?? Is this a joke or something??

Davep Goo says:

McCafee is a pump and dumper, he already cashed in you dumb fucks.

Vincent Bailey says:

McAfee is a dumbass, "as its user base expands"… You can do 4 transactions a second with bitcoin, its designed in a flawed way that there could be such a limiting bottle neck… Thus if it ever does gain traction, IT WOULD BE UNUSABLE. go back to installing viruses on computers to prey on naive people John.

Bitcoin is a good model but people should see it as a start to the platform and not the saving grace.

"capacity maximum is estimated between 3.3 and 7 transactions per second."

David Morton says:

Mcaffee looks like someone on to catch a predator

Ashton 09 says:

Sir John Mcafee is badass. Am sure he is aware the earth is flat.

Vincent Bailey says:

love that you show the clip of him saying "my predictions 78 thousand by the end of 2018."

sorry but McAfee is a worthless hack. actually worst than worthless since he actively works against your best interests.

R B says:

why the fuck are you talking to this lunatic

AweloN says:

thnx mcafee, just bought 10 bitcoins, Long them all. thnx and bye 😉

Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me says:

Successful business is like a grater. Edgy on the outside, smooth on the inside. o/

Ѣ says:


Spencer Clingman says:

McAfee is on a different level when it comes to logic. Great interview.

Sevarchy says:

I'm not here to disagree with Mcafee… I don't know as much as he does, but every interview consists of him talking about privacy and how it should be valued and he trash talks Google and Facebook. At one point he says nothing is free, so you're paying them with your privacy. He just says the same thing over and over again. He's basically a programmed bot. The reality is, your average person doesn't really care much about online privacy. He's paranoid about it because he's a big name, a big figure, and very well known. I just think he has other things going on in his mind in regards to Google and Facebook. He uses twitter over facebook so there must be something going on, it probably has to do with politics and how he doesn't agree with the left. But he is probably right, and they probably have too much information about us and IF they wanted to know something about us in particular, they can get it. But they've done a lot of good things too. This narrative that he plays reminds me of Trump talking about "inner cities" from the 80s. Everyone just has their own angles and perspectives on life. I wouldn't sit around with this level of paranoia as an average person.

It's also nice that someone actually challenges Mcafee on cryptocurrency and his wild predictions. There are a lot of legit bearish perspectives, and the fact is there are many other cryptocurrencies (he even said 2,000) and they could lower Bitcoin's future dominance if one proves to be better tech. He also speaks of decentralized exchanges yet most people still use centralized exchanges. And he always says he uses some mathematical model to get his price predictions and it uses transaction numbers and users on the network, but according to him, Ethereum most likely should have passed Bitcoin a long time ago in market cap since there are way more transactions on the Ethereum network… go see for yourself. Also, most of these transactions are just transfers from one exchange to another and just used for speculative purposes. I can't buy everything he says but he is entertaining. At 37:20 he indirectly tells you to not listen to him. What kind of statement is "don't consume any media"? That's just taking things to the extreme. Well, it's quite clear that he is retreating a bit from his wild predictions on Bitcoin. It should be quite clear he pumped the shit out of crypto for his own gain. The guy's a coke addict with 40 kids talking with some guy who loves money.

Stephen Hathaway says:

john's face in this interview….lol

Sd Bigelow says:

Technology can never stop human ingenuity.

Google is Nazi scum says:

this guy is a known pedophile, funny a muslim interviewing a pedophile

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