Josh Brown on market sell-off: 'I do think the punch bowl was overflowing'

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K Kendall says:

Tesla betrayed their fiduciary responsibility to imvestors

Mrs Mary says:

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Randy C says:

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Lars Nyström says:

One rule about when to sell.
Ask yourself: should I buy at this price, if I didn't have them?

Thomas Headley says:

Not a sell off. A valuation adjustment.

Mark Wahl says:

What happened to “market is forward looking”? There is no overflowing in that case

Courtnay Power says:

I think your about to crash into a recycling bin

FU Jobu says:

They’re all clueless. No one knows but love to sound smart and say I told you so. I played myself with parabolic stocks? They’re up like 200-400%! So they corrected 10-20%.. how’s Verizon and JPM? Oh wow up 2%? Congrats thats awesome!

Eeezumblogspot says:

I'm thinking the Big Dollar People are constantly manipulating the market to make money, and it really means nothing to a man like myself. I had no money this morning and I'll still have no money tomorrow morning… and even though I'm no genius. I'm betting I'll still be broke next week when the market recovers.

Kehinde O says:

I regularly watch Josh Brown's podcast and he is soooo much different on there. Much less corporate feeling (actually just heard him say "you played yourself" so he actually is pretty much the same)

Tmb1112 says:

Gonna be a bad week. Leading to the weekend where Congress will return and talk about getting bills signed to continue the plans meant to keep Americans afloat which are all ending. Both Democrats and Republicans will throw away long-term strategies and offer the American public insane amounts of stuff we really shouldn’t be getting because it’ll screw the economy later. Either way, the new surge in wealth in the economy will rebound the stock market from its lows this week. That’s my take on it at least.

A R says:

Lol, these clowns trying hard to scare young investors into panic selling so they can then come back in cheap!🤣🤣

Death Larsen says:

Clowns just pumping their positions long or short.

Death Larsen says:

Lol. Cnbc now ensures there are tokens

John Elkins says:

Us common folk buy all you can while stocks are low Trump 2020

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