Josh Brown on what investors should do in market sell-off

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Josh Brown, Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO, joins “Closing Bell” to talk about what investors should do in the market sell-off.

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R Re-group says:


A. Ali says:

This Girl always talks to day traders …. there no 💯 million day traders – Josh is talking about my older hard working cousins ….. whats the matter with this Girl ….. she always talks like sun ☀️ never sets ……people like this created 1987 2000 2008 …. keep swinging eyes closed …

Eric Anderson says:

God says to own gold, that what you should buy in a market sell off.

john butler says:

Dont do anything and watch your pensions get desiccated.

rmiddlehouse says:

Don’t get out of the stock market when valuations are highest ever, we’re about to get the evidence of the worst economic performance ever witnessed, government stimulus is about to run out, and hospitals across the country are filling up due to an uncontrolled pandemic. Unless you’re Warren Buffett, apparently, who is hoarding cash. Instead listen to this guy, who sounds like Jordan Belfort’s protégé.

miller charlie says:

Short answer: sell first, wait too long you’ll lose big…if you’re late better ride it out than sell low

nakedshadows says:

She’s very very pretty

thinkabout says:

When is the hell are we going to realize that Trump is controlled by Putin?

Nachteule says:

Fed pumps no more mony in the system lol, all shortsellers want to have justice haha

Steph George says:

Buy puts sell calls

FANT-ROSSI Adamo says:

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Turtytreeandaturd says:

Answer – nothing

David Paul says:

Buy Gold…a good stock is Kinross Gold Corp (undervalued) KGC or K

SONNY da CUSE says:

Market will CRASH📈📈📈

Dibsy Loumae says:

It’s very simple -GET. OUT OF THE MARKET

brian patrick says:

Oh and before it’s to late buy august puts on Disney at 100 strike

brian patrick says:

Buy VXX calls when VXX is below 35 and sell near 40

Larry R says:

Me- 2020 OMG sell everything Covid-19 is ending the economy.!!!!!

Me-2045 Really bro you F—ing idiot. Yeah I will stay put and stay on pace. Thanks 2045 me. One last thing 2020 me. Play 8-17-26-27-29-46. You can thank you later lol.

Deester Reachnitz says:



I sold everything. Clear portfolio now.

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