Joshua Martinez Tells You His Forex Journey

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Joshua Martinez, MTI’s lead analyst, talks about his journey from being a Personal Trainer with a small income to joining Market Traders Institute and becoming a Forex Trader making consistent profits and teaching others MTI’s strategies and methodologies.

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ngangsia akumbo says:

great man

Pau Casas says:

Thank you Joshua, very inspiring journey and I can relate to a lot of what you said. For me, I can only spend €50 on food every 10 days, and there have been times I wondered how I'd eat the next couple of days, but that's OK because I know what I want, and I keep on going with my goal of financial freedom in mind. It is my dream to succeed like you did. I want you to know how much all your videos and free daily outlook are helping me. This week on demo I made 224 pips already using your 1:3 R:R strategy (despite having more losers than winners!). Will soon switch to live trading, I am quite excited.

PAPEfx says:

I have just started watching your videos and you really inspired me. thanks alot Josh. one day I hope to meet you when am at your level of earning

Kyoril says:

Thank you, Joshua for this video.. I am right now, where you were then.  I am a student of MTI.  Some times I struggle just to make my tuition..  Some times I struggle with my decision to be a currency trader..  This video, and your story only helps to bolster my resolve..I intend to persevere.  Thank you again.. 

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