June 18, 2019 — Chartsky's LIVE! Trading Room — Day Trading ES and NASDAQ and Crude Oil

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WOW! It’s already been 6-months since my last video in the Holiday Series. Here’s the start to a newer series of our day trading in the LIVE! Trading Room . . .

. . . and for more information you can go to: http://www.chartsky.com/trading-room/

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This was the best day in June (so far at least) but it’s important to discuss what we do each day and how we approach the markets. After the Top-Down Analysis and Pre-Market Game Plan – and just a few minutes of trading – we had a FANTASTIC Add-On Day and stopped to enjoy the day trader’s lifestyle.

If you’re new to day trading – or if you’re struggling – maybe struggling with a Top Step Combine – ask yourself how much would a day like this go towards building (or re-building) your account or helping you pass a Trading Combine? I think most Combines could have been passed with what I called on this one day alone!

But why should you wonder? I’m always happy to spend time with every new Member developing a Written Trading Plan . . . and we can use the TopStep Combine rules, or rules from any other good funded trader program.

In case you haven’t heard about me and what we do before: Each morning we day trade some of the most volatile and potentially profitable futures markets: Crude Oil (CL), the E-Mini S&P (ES), E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), EuroFX (6E) and Gold (GC). I will also always consider adding any other market – Natural Gas (NG) for instance – or the FDAX (DAX) – if there is enough interest. In the LIVE! Trading Room, we aim for a Daily Profit Target of $300-$400 (per position) and usually stop trading to enjoy the rest of our day. Why?

Because, among other reasons, day trading is a lifestyle choice! For example, many could have stopped for the rest of the week (or the whole month) based on what we did this one day alone! Then they had the luxury of being able to spend as much time as they wanted with family and friends – or play golf. Your children and grandchildren will only be young once . . .

Trading – and especially day trading – can provide so much more than just financial freedom!

You can start with a (relatively) small account, build it and learn while you earn! IF you have the required patience and self-discipline.

However, like I wrote above, if you want to jump right in with managed funds, you should also be able to pass any performance test – any Trading Combine – that I know of simply by adjusting your size with the Daily Profit Target in your Trading Plan . . . again IF you have the required patience and self-discipline.

If you’re interested in joining us to day trade Crude Oil (CL) or Gold (GC) or the EuroFX (or any other currency if there’s enough interest) or the E-Mini S&P (ES) or the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) or the E-Mini Dow (YM) futures – you can be trading with us in my LIVE! Trading Room as soon as tomorrow!

However, here’s a warning: You must also be grounded in reality and understand that not every single day is like today. Sure . . . we’ve had a great streak in 2018 and into 2019 but it will end. Things might get tough – but we fought through an entire year of tough in 2017 and so maybe this fantastic volatility will go on for a long while longer. Some days are easier, some are tougher and some are losing days. Sometimes we have to battle in the morning and come back for an Afternoon Session. That’s just professional trading.

After this video, I hope you watch a few other videos on my YouTube Channel to get a better feel for what we do – MUCH differently that other trading rooms, I’m frequently told – and please keep in mind I only call about 1/3 to 1/4th of the available trades. I teach them ALL in One-One-One private mentoring if you’re accepted as a student. You can read more about that on my Chartsky Blog under the FAQs.

Like I often say: All we need is one good trade!

For more information you can go to: http://www.chartsky.com/trading-room/

Remember, if you didn’t get the same results with your trading as we did today in the LIVE! Trading Room . . . You can be trading with us tomorrow!


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