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In this trader training video Harry looks at lots of daily highs in gold on the market profile, after the US CPI number we see volume come into the market. Gold unable to sustain a move higher so there is an opportunity to sell. Harry also looks at the Footprint chart. The 7 technical lessons are:

1. Failing to make new daily highs and showing any continuation
2. Tails as daily highs showing selling coming in
3. All closing in a similar area
4. Poor low
5. Single prints as the target and then look for continuation trades
6. US CPI spikes up into low volume area fails to hold a bad number which was a miss from market expectations, this then brought volume into the market
7.Initial Jobless was a beat of 5k

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lor va says:

Thanks for the video! Can I ask you what settings are you using for number bars in terms of shading?

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I would like to talk with this guy, there's any way I could contact him? Thanks

henry tartiflette says:

hello thank you for the video ! what platform do you use?

Thank you

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