Junior Trader Reviews Dax Trade On Cash Open | Axia Futures

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In this trader training video Adam reviews his technical trade in the Dax just before the cash open which is 8am. He looks at high time frame moves on the daily chart with clear targets. Then he looks at the market profile weekly and daily before showing his execution on the price ladder. The other markets he looks at for correlation are the Yen, T-Note, Gold & Spoo. Adam ends off this video looking at the 1 minute chart and where he executed his trade in the Dax.

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K9 says:

what session times do you use for EUREX on Sierra Chart?

Buddy Buddy says:

The price ladder breakout was faster than my screen refresh. You guys should capture at least 60 hertz with these thinner markets.

BobbyG says:

Good video – the audio is a bit dodgy though

sommi says:

💚💛🧡💙 Adoodles, that was a great trade. You're getting much better I've noticed your progression over time 💚💛🧡💙

Live Action says:

Adam thanks for sharing. You touched a topic rarely mentioned about managing a trade I wanted to hear more but the video ran out.

Satoshi Gerbil says:

Keep them coming, thanks!

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