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batk0427 says:

Hey Brad, when frustration sets in because of having to repeat yourself, think of it as a measurement of your success. The universe has set you on this path and it will be a successful one beyond your wildest dreams if it resonates with you. Think of how many times you will and each time you have to repeat something you've already said as….wow, there's a new subscriber. I'm well on my way to over 100000 subs.😁 Can you imagine how many times Ricky has had to repeat himself with all of his subers and your Just getting started😂 Think about it; how many times have you looked up to welcome a new person you didn't recognize as a regular to your super chat? THAT'S POTENTIAL GROWTH MAN! A BLESSING! We all have been divinely sent your way😊 So there are more of us coming. All maybe struggling and striving on wobbly legs looking up to you in anticipation of being able to walk thru the chaos with confidence just like you someday. One day long long ago, lol you too were where we are and with someone's guidance you were able to eventually walk alone. He may have had to reiterate something more than twice to drive the point home and look at you today. Someone your mentor can be proud of.🙄 As we all continue to tune in to your post, that same repetition for a new sub will drive points home for us older ones too. Killing two birds with one stone. ….Something tells me, it's not the same person asking the same question over and over again. At least I hope not. AND if it is, as I've said, repetition is the best teacher😊…BUT if it is; I'm going to use Bassmasterflimz/rageface😂, as an example simply because he's winning me over like a little brother with his struggles☺. (Yes I myself am still wobbling my way around thru the discord shadows. Siphoning off the valuable tidbits of knowledge, brought to your chat room by the well seasoned vets that frequent there. I too get a great vibe being there as well🤗), someone youve told something over and over again and you know you have, and he continues to mess up👀, then THAT'S when I'd start bonking people over the head.😂 Jules1896 takes care of Bass' bonking sometimes for you, I see?😅
This lesson on handling our emotions was very timely Brad, especially with CMGO hanging around right now. Thank you.
Much success to you brother. Your family is only destined to get bigger. Be ready. It's all good.😊

La Vid says:

Another great video, this is what I have been working for a while now, and I think I have improve a lot, control emotions, thanks Brad, another video completed,

Red Wembley says:

Great advice. Emotions are great followers but lousy leaders.

alan316 says:

105 watched i think.

alan316 says:

great one again.

game walkthrough says:

so….should i sell CMGO or what?

alan316 says:

great on again, we all have our days. no biggy! glad i could start a trend. lol but they will thank you when there done. i know i do! best lessons i've ever learned in the OTC markets.

game walkthrough says:

what no love for GMER? 🙁

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