Kevin O’Leary on market sell-off: I favor ‘boring as hell’ dividend stocks in times like these

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O’Shares ETFs Chairman Kevin O’Leary discusses how he favors “boring as hell” companies with “monster balance sheets” that were out of favor for the last couple years, as the market sells off on rising interest rate fears.


creates100 says:

Market still up YUGE since March 2009

J Dizzle says:

i think he gets a kick out of leading the sheep down the wrong roads to the slaughter house

Donald Scott says:

Pros sell to incite amateurs to follow. After they do follow, Pros buy! It's the same as a pyramid scheme–only the first ones in (at the top of the pyramid) profit, while the rest lose. Pros buy low/sell high–ammeters buy high/sell low. Barring an unlikely bankruptcy, you CAN'T LOSE UNLESS YOU Sell!!

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

Toss this guy into the shark tank.

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

Mr. Wonderful, how would you like to get your hands on a hundred inventions? Talk to me.

Luminary Wins says:

Lol…lol…This Market is overvalued by 65%. Dow 8400 here we come!

Steve Jurgens says:

Kevin O'Leary is a broke moron.

Abhi Pobbati says:

This moron.

The Dividend Experiment says:

I like exciting as hell Dividend stocks

Incomeking says:

I love how he call dividends stock boring as hell. LoL partly because I think they are too

mikeyb says:

"Today is an OUSA day." OUSA has 0.68% dividend yield. Practically nothing. What's he talking about?

ACT1O1 says:

Honestly who takes advice from CNBC?

Shawn says:

Who listens to this guy on markets?! Stick to Shark Tank…

T Sav says:

Last month he favored small caps, before that European stocks. He is worse than a car salesman.

Louis Linardo says:

Shark is trying hard to keep people in his etf.. Offcoz his marketing gimmick is so great his a shark

KnifeCatcher says:

It's so much more dramatic to show the big numbers of the Dow isn't it, CNBC?

brian91145 says:

a64750 says:

Guy is a Shark, not even a fund manager; He should have started Internet ETF 10 to 20 years ago

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