KISS Forex Trading – Chief Chats with the FX Chief

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In today’s #ChiefChat, The FX Chief addresses Mike’s concern about incorporating multiple indicators and strategies into his daily Forex routine….. and it’s not the answer you’re expecting!

This Forex strategy is what FX Chief founded Market Traders on and is exactly what our team is covering in our upcoming webinars ➡

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Alexis Henfield says:

So much l need to learn

ray Skibbe says:

I will try to make up the money I lost and make some more money to be part of 360 degree strategy. I could use some help in that matter FX Chief. See if there any way I can get the videos after they are done.

ray Skibbe says:

FX Chief Jared Martinez    I been having some trouble trading and I heard about your new 360 degree strategy.  I like to learn if possible. I do not have a lot of  money. But, I do have $1,000 dollars that I have saved. I know that this will not be enough. But, if there some way that I can hear the tapes that you have done in the past. That would be helpful. Thank you for all your help.

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