Kyle Bass @ AmeriCatalyst 2010 | ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’

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NOTE: This video has been on Vimeo since late 2010, early 2011. Now that YouTube accepts videos longer than 15 minutes, we’re posting it here. Enjoy! We’ll update with Kyle Bass Redux after AmeriCatalyst 2011, Nov. 6-8

As Founder and Managing Partner of Hayman Advisors, LP, J. Kyle Bass has proven himself to be one of the most well respected hedge fund managers and forecasters in the global investment community. Renowned for his conviction as well as his investment savvy, Bass hit the headlines with his prescient trades in shorting the subprime mortgage market in 2007. Behind the headlines was one of the most unique and rigorous investment methodologies ever used in mortgage-related investing. Since that time, Bass has been one of the most proactive investors in Washington and abroad, warning about unsustainable fiscal deficits poised to destabilize the global economy and markets with a magnitude similar to the 1930s.
Todd Groome and Toni Moss spoke with Kyle at AmeriCatalyst 2010 in Austin in September, asking him about his thoughts on prospects for housing market recovery, current policy issues and national debt implications, global debt imbalances and his perspectives on the influence of policy on the timing, sequence and magnitude of potential sovereign defaults and debt restructurings.


RDP1208 says:

I thought Todd Groome really took away from this presentation. He needed to be quite and let Mr. Bass speak!!!!

johnnycabot says:

I'm seriously considering writing Bass in as my vote for President…

I don't care if he knows nothing about foreign policy, etc…hell, Obama doesn't either…

…and besides, he we don't get our fiscal/monetary crap together, it's not going to matter anyway.

colourbox101 says:

@ChrysalisMusic – General Montegomery Megis wrote a paper "Unorthodox Thoughts about Asymmetric Warfare" – where he states a danger can lie in financial markets to outside manipulation as a form of terrorism. So I'm guessing he was going to tie the two together.

Free Thinker says:

What the Banks have allowed our mothers, fathers, grandma and grandpas to put us into indentured servitude. War is inevitable. Just sayin'.

Bettertext says:

Video starts of with my favorite song! I like.

Telfu says:

I'd like to say he's 100% right, but he's hedge fund manager encouraging hedge funds. 

loopfreestyler says:

zerohedge brought me here

Johnny J says:

i like how this only has 32,000 views, but "How to Remove Silk from Corn," which for some reason shows up on the side of this video for me, has 286,474 views.

DownWithTheHerman says:

Can't believe I'm saying this but… Caboose brought me here

Blade Church says:

JOEL!!!!!! sent me here

Blade Church says:

JOEL caboose sent me

InnocenceExperience says:

what the hell did he say next? that sentence was interesting!

Harley04 says:

From 31:00 "give a shit factor" awesome straight talker, love this guy !!!

Chrysalis says:

Are you guys going to post Kyle's presentation for AmeriCatalyst 2011?

TheBearnuts says:

Bernanke and Geithner both watched this video and they dislike.

TheBearnuts says:

Who is the only Presidential candidate with a economic plan to cut the $1 Trillion dollars that Kyle Bass says we need?

cjjblaster says:

more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pmoraniec says:

I like Kyle Bass' thoughts. You know what I dont like…is cheese ball jazz. Lose the intro.

Moishe Kumove says:

agree … the lazy culture of greed and getting something for nothing is the root of our current maladies America and al the rest must get back to work living within their means protecting the environment and having simple cheap fun

alistair douglas says:

I understand where you are coming from. However, step outside of your personal situation and look at the USA today. Kyle Bass is merely pointing out the depths that your politicians have taken your country spending money frivolously to "buy votes". He is going to make money out of this but that is beside the point. He is pointing out a coming car crash. Does that make him a bad person or a fortune teller? Fortune teller IMHO.

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