Large Gap Trading

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A video tutorial designed to teach you how to find and trade large gap opportunities.
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cjeremie says:

Ive enjoyed watching your educational videos. yet to start trading, still researching.

Sardar Dilashish singh Mann says:

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Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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jo bu says:

Excellent video. I like this guys style… makes it very easy to grasp the concept. 

getbo says:

Solid analysis Christian. Not understanding some of the comments here.

Perfect Stock Alert says:

@LibertyFX Thank you for your comment.

Jack Daniel says:

@PSAadmin There academic knowledge and then there's can you make money. For example I asked before how do you manage overnight risk? Sure you can draw lines on charts with a $1 stop but the market can and will gap again right over that! Paper trading is NOT live money trading. One bad trade can ripe out all the little nibble wins.

Perfect Stock Alert says:

@LibertyFX We've already done videos on these different gap types. Thank you for the comment.

Jack Daniel says:

You're making progress but keep learning.
There're "breakaway gaps" you should go with and "exhaustion gaps" you should fade.
Learn to read the condition of the market leading to the gap to differentiate the above.

Perfect Stock Alert says:

@ragedmaximus Thank you

ragedmaximus says:

TRLG watchlist

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