Law Enforcement Officer Exposes Forex Trading Scams

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Former U.S. Marine and Law Enforcement Officer gives his inside story with Forex trading and reveals the trading strategy he now uses to take $7,000 -$15,000 per week.

How is he able to keep doing this while many others are somehow not able. Watch this video to find out. Whether day trading or scalping what really works seems to be universal. Likewise, it is universal among Forex, stocks, currency futures, commodities but of course has nothing to do with binary options or spread betting.

There have been many sources of information about Forex trading who are considered gurus and mentors, like Peter Baine of forexmentor, Market Traders Institute, Rob Booker, George Soros, Fx Academy, etc

The methods used range from Elliott Wave theory, fibonacci, pivot points, support and resistance, Chaos Theory, technical analysis, as well as fundamental analysis.

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