Learn From My Student Who’s Turned $27,000 Into $1+ Million

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See more at http://tim.ly/dux900k and get in the http://tim.ly/sykesmc chatroom to see his trading in real-time along with the trades of http://tim.ly/grit4000 and http://tim.ly/mark630 and http://tim.ly/sykesrl too, it’s truly the chatroom with the dream team!


Julian Avila says:

Loved it!…+ First (Had to)

Zack Knowle says:

Hi Tim, why are you not giving this kid a proper interview since he is now at $1.4+ million? He deserves that much. Do better Tim.

majestik1 says:

Dux is the man. You're a genius Tim. If you were here in the UK you would be knighted for your services 🙂

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