Learn How I Turned $4,000 Into Over $20,000 Trading Penny Stocks!

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Sean Dekmar says:

Thank you for the support everyone! All the P/Ls are from my Etrade Account. If you need further proof or would like to see a specific week, month, or trade please email me and I will be happy to show more. I like to be as transparent as possible with all my trades and I will be happy help! 🙂

That's Rich says:

Um a $4000 account is a tiny account and so is a $20,000 account. A 400% return is easy to make without being a penny stock idiot. Dime-a-dozen youtube strategies to sell training programs cuz you're broke and trading on paper money. Gutter rats ripping people off. The worst trading salespeople always talk about the money. Lol

Osiris - says:

Can you do monthly picks on penny stocks. So easy for peeps to miss these great opportunities. Best tip is to not get caught up in panic sells peeps. Bitcoin was meant to end 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 + years ago. I invest in the penny stocks. Easy to get carried away with the big end of town, not remembering the big boys started out at the bottom. Been trading the penny stock crypto and turning great profits. Trick is finding those worthwhile contenders and hedging your bets on a decent return. My pick of the week is Safe Exchange on Bittrex – has started its rise and hodling very well.

Adrian Veliz says:

You got charged lots of commission per week yet you’re trading only a couple stocks it seems like. How? I think I’m missing something. Are you trading 2 stocks a week multiple times?

Randy Myers says:

What setups were you looking for? Which scanner ?

Jim C says:

So five 20 percent losses in a row and your money is gone.

Christian Tassinari says:

Have you ever thought about doing something similar but with a smaller amount like $1,000. Just to show first time investors its possible with small amounts?

Mike Walton says:

im 17, turned 2k into 6k with bitcoin in 2 months by just holding.


Crypto Dil says:

Wow, thats pretty neat.

Zafar Sultanov says:

Thank You so much, Sean, I appreciate, what You are doing !!!

Si Yassine says:

a video about Commission and fees ?

Stockafella says:

Beautiful Sean congrats!!!

maurice fertilien says:

hi Sean, i have been following you for about a week. How can i get started with learning you strategy ?

Keanu Leachay says:

16k in 2 and a half months wow, looking at ur stats taking your six biggest winners:
CYCC, CLSN (twice), CBIO, CRTN, and CCCL, you made over 16k just off of those trades, so upon analysis ur biggest wins came from: 1. Indicator Squeeze (CYCC,CLSN) 2. 10am low float breakout (CCCL, CBIO), 3. Play the Hype Sell the News (CLSN) 4. An early entry on a potential $1 breakout (CRTN), surprised u played CRTN an OTC stock tho. Just shows if u wait for your play you can make better, bigger gains with very minimal risk

dexcannon says:

Amazing! Thanks for the vid.

Keanu Leachay says:

Great Job Dek, realest in the game

Market Open says:

Sean get another broker, they are raping you on commissions and you are ignoring it.

StudieEatProfit says:

dekmar how long will you be live streaming ? i'm looking forward to joining your group

Julian Rasolo says:

HI Sean. How can we re watch the videos of your live streaming ?

Jae Traedz says:

Best video lesson of 2017. Great job Dek!! #Salute

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