Learn how to day trade the S&P E-Mini Futures successfully with intra day help

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If you trade the S&P E-Mini Futures contract, and would like some intra day direction and help, we provide intra day support and resistance levels, major pivot points and target prices to trade to.

We also provide daily analysis videos for both swing traders and day traders.

There are several videos on this channel that have published forecasts that have been extremely accurate. Crude oil, Gold and other markets including the S&P500, the E-mini contract and SPY just to name a few.

Most of my work is based on technical analysis using chart patterns, trend lines, Fibonacci retracments and several mathematical formulas that confirm trade direction.

I welcome ideas, questions and participation on the youtube channel, through the membership or a simple email would be fine.



Also, in one month, my account is up 19%. I've learned consistency is really better than the home runs, though I'd love to hit one out of the park. Also lol I've been telling people about you for a little while already.


Yup, it's so worth the money. With your vids and the profits I'm making I really couldn't without you and these learning vids are great. I liked the 30 minute vid today. Since I started watching you, I haven't missed a vid and il never will. Keep up the great work frost!

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