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People ask me why I created The Trading Fraternity and teach people how to trade stocks, options and become entrepreneurs, here’s why.

Go to http://www.TTFCitizen.com to start today and learn more about how to trade stocks, how to trade options and how to trade penny stocks. Get our weekly newsletter and join our stock market chat room!

Not your average mentor tips site. Not your average stock newsletter or day trading strategy. Why get mentor tips or DVD’s, when you can full on get mentored? Live webinars where you can ask me questions through your laptop or phone microphone and anything you like, not just listen and type me questions.

I host weekly webinars every Sunday for TTF Citizens which are 2-6 hours every weekend where I go over what has happened in the markets over the course of the week, what I played, and what I plan to play. I also send out my exclusive weekly newsletter which outlines all of that plus weekly stock market lessons on how to trade stocks and how to trade options. The goal of TTF Citizen is to get people socialized with how the stock market works and how to trade. See how we analyze the markets and learn from our past plays and see how our logic plays out! This is not an alert service, so if you think you are going to get penny stock alerts or a penny stock newsletter or that other garbage you see other stock market gurus promote, please don’t sign up. If you think a $30 a month membership will make you rich, you are delusional, it doesn’t work like that. Only wealth we offer is a wealth of information.

If you think you can hang with the brothers and are qualified to be one of the 25 people we accept every quarter to join my 3-month mentoring program, where you are able to watch me trade LIVE every second of the day, every day of the week and be able to ask me questions live while I trade, go to http://www.thetradingfraternity.com to request and application. The lazy and undedicated need not apply.

If you haven’t done so, subscribe to this YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter and Instagram!
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JoshAnswers
instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TheTradingFraternity
Sign up to be a TTF Citizen: http://www.TTFCitizen.com
Apply for mentorship: http://www.TheTradingFraternity.com


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