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Hello Friends,

Watch this video to learn option strategies, in this video I have tried to explain the very basic option strategy which is Vertical Spreads. In this video you will learn the below given terms:
1. what are vertical spreads?
2.Bull vertical spreads
3. Bear vertical spreads
4.Bull call spread or vertical debit spread
5. Bull put spread or vertical credit spread

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tuhin samanta says:

sir i am new trader showing your video i search bulk deal company FII or DII or Mutual Fund in [sebi.gov.in/fii] this site but they demand a user id an password then login but what i give password? please help me.

Jitendra Pandey says:

your voice is very poor

dilin gosar says:

Stock Options MARUTI 25JAN2017 CE 5,800.00 21.10 23.05 36.90 0.55 2.00 14,002 1,22,141.27 323.87 5825.00

Stock Options YESBANK 25JAN2017 CE 1,400.00 1.55 1.85 5.80 0.75 5.45 8,651 84,946.33 166.53 1408.85

when I am posting this the market on 25th Jan is closed and so the Jan options are expired. Above are two examples of closing rates of Maruti and Yes bank. In Maruti the closing share price is 5825 and 5800 CE closed at 2/- which should be 25. same in yes bank also. 1408.85 is last share price and 5.45 is last 1400 CE. it should be 8.85. plz explain.

Kabir Pahwa says:

good way of explaining

nashtrik says:

Nice Explanation…..keep going….!!!


thanks sir,great job.


sir great job, nobody is doing like u I.e. free. thanks a lot…

jeetudaudara says:

thanks sir please make video for bear vertical spread

ravi kumar says:

simply great

Aneeta Kamat says:

v beautiful n lucid explanatn.thanks sir

Dhananjay sinha says:

sir……aap bahut intelligent hei. pls give mobile no.

Peeyush Sharma says:

nice approach

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