Learn Straddle and Strangle Options Strategies-Part 1

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Hello Friends,
Learn What are Straddle and Strangle strategies in Options Trading?
In this video i have tried to explain in detail as to How and when we can trade through Straddle and Strangle? What are the best or suitable market conditions? and How to select the right strike prices to take a successful trade through Straddle and Strangle?

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shama spring says:

Sir, I have watched all video on options by Indian trader.You are unique and i highly appreciate you.I am studying your video again and again.Please if a stock is in bullish trend what is the ratio of option buying or selling with future.What should be delta of that strike price.Shall i buy or sell 2 lots with combination of one lot of future .Please explain sir.

senthil kumar says:

Please make and upload more videos in options strategies.How to use these options strategies in the real-time live market.Your videos are very useful to traders.

Suresh Dwaram says:

thank ur sir for make ur videos please make lot of videos on option statgy

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