Learn To Day Trade Penny Stocks – Steady Trade Podcast Episode #2

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What is a Penny Stock? Why Trade Penny Stocks ??  Can someone really get rich trading Penny Stocks?  Listen in as Tim and Stephen review the 2015 Larry King interview with successful day trader Timothy Sykes.


Antonio Hawkins says:

Awesome podcast guys!!!! Gonna work harder

NeverFail Gaming says:

Unfortunately the feeling of adrenaline fades away after awhile but hey this aint gambling this is day trading

NeverFail Gaming says:

I think lx21 was best trader of the decade but Grittani is very good as well

SuperPizzaman2 says:

As a result of this episode, studying is becoming more of a priority. Thank you guys.

Calos campos says:

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Victor Avelino says:

Finally its out

5thgenerationfarmer says:

Thank you for the review of Tim's interview. I am feeling very inspired to be more focused. "Research gambling"

Richard Lanning says:

My world was great until she broke up with me. That happened to me as well brother, so I feel ya and I'm 33.

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