Learn to Day Trade Stocks – Live Day Trading With Meir Barak

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Learn to Day Trade Stocks with Meir Barak. See how Meir day trade live for $2,000 in 2 hours.
Meir Barak day trading live on August 13th 2015.

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Mahdi K says:

Do I get these tools if I open an account with TD ameitrade?

JKD1735281 says:

What platform do you use?

StockTradingMaster says:

Great vid Meir Barak, Bull psychology needs repair first. Did the Q2 GDP 3.7% figure do that?

katura simmons says:

If I trade stocks I cannot short a stock that has fallen 10% or more?

Carina söderqvist says:

hello, do you ever use leverage?

Fluffy Bunnies says:

Very nice Meir!

I have been following you for two years now and joined "Tradenet". I commend you on your trading strategy and execution.

It is very admirable to post your losing trades as we can't always have winning days.

Keep up the good work.

– Fluffy Bunny

iBestHD says:

Hey Meir, What are some cheap brokerage serves and trading platforms to get started with, with a small account?

Beni Bloom says:

How do you short stocks that go down more than 10%? I see you do that all the time.
Is it because you buy CFDs and there are no restrictions on them?

Kam Bains says:

hi, how do you find gapping stocks first thing in the morning, is it a scanner ??

Rolance Yun says:

Are candlesticks used for day trading or longer term? Videos on youtube of people showing candlestick patterns usually show weekly to monthly charts, but never for day trading.

Quin Harsh says:

Awesome stuff 🙂 just awesome!

Myles Crouch-Anderson says:

Hi Meir,
Does colmex charge spread or is it commission only?
I use scalping system so need 0 spread

Giovan Maria Catalan Belmonte says:

hi Meir, regardless the entry methods you use, you don't have stop loss and target profit orders, they are mental (SL and TP), right? But normally where do you put your stop loss and for the target profit do you have a minimun risk:reward ratio?

sniperms54 says:

So u dont use any indicators? only vwap? 

How about during the day? Lets say if ur waiting to do a news play..

KrissHermus says:

Awesome Meir!! I love how you trade those reversals, The stop order is very clear and the reward can be pretty high. Thanks for sharing!!!

Ameer Al Baldawi says:

Great video as always ?

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