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How do we trade Gold? What are some important factors to consider before trading this metal?

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Karen Cas says:

this is my 1st video on gold forex – are we suppose to be watching the consistently moving hash lines of the brown bar? they're being moved very fast so i'm not catching it.

amir masood says:

Hello dear professor. We are Persian language. It is difficult for us to learn your good English. Please do more video tutorials. Your teaching method is very useful and interesting.

Admin G says:

i am the 69th like of this video.

Amna Ashraf says:

I love trading gold, it's what I trade the most.

GirlTrader says:

I want to trade gold when I go live!

K900b_ says:

This channel is growing very fast amazing 💯

K900b_ says:

Gold is bae ❤️

The Trading Man says:

I found you on your Instagram page @forextips101

The Trading Man says:

Great explanation, thank you🙏

James Bruce says:

Love this simple yet effective outlook on how to trade gold! Been practicing on a demo and been winning more often than not 🙏🏼 thanks for your content Jess, always very helpful and to the point.

chris murphy says:

think i found you on instagram-been following for 2-3 months

Nicholas Rooney says:

Please give more gold tips like the corrilation between cadusd and what not!! Its really helpful!

Water Bear says:

It highly respects zones

Adrian Rękaj says:

Just to let you know – It would be much better to listen to you with some little, no invasive music in the background as well with a better microphone. It's quite important since we focus most attention on your voice. Nonetheless, great video! 🙂

Chrisman Chitagu says:

Great, love your videos and instagram posts, keep it going 👌

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