Learn To Trade Penny Stocks From Timothy Sykes

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Get started learning for free: http://tim.ly/sykes7 or step up to the plate and get realtime picks/chatroom access now: http://tim.ly/PVOQYU


Valentin Macheret says:


Zeck says:

Hi I am very interested to work with you.. I already applied for the challenge. I am looking forward to hearing from you.. In the mean time from where can i start getting your lesson.. I am beginner so i need alot of things to discuss. How can i get you?

DRANAC1990 says:

+Timothy Sykes – Wondering if the patterns you talk about in your DVDs is the same in the UK market ? Also, if I were to trade in the US Market being in the UK should cause no issues ??

Eddie Lee says:

For the folks legitimately looking to enter the markets with their HARD EARNED money… I've been trading full time for about 7 years.  I teach trading courses myself (but i won't be inserting any shameless promotions here) and the first thing i explain to my students is: This is a VERY, VERY, VERY (let me emphasize again) VERRRRYYY difficult industry to truly become successful in.  You have to understand, trading is a business and has to be treated as such. I've seen the "get rich quick" mindset that's very prevalent in most of the comments on here, lead to more blown up accounts then I can count at this point.  The true key to success is perseverance, discipline and RISK MANAGEMENT.  
The market is fickle.  She giveth & she taketh away.  Respect her & she'll reward you plenty.  Disrespect here & she'll make you pay.  Good luck out there.

MrSkaterfan21 says:

I love going through the comments and seeing Tim kill his fucking haters! Keep doing what you do Tim. By the way he's a great teacher ignorant morons

Konstantin Baranov says:

+Timothy Sykes , what trading platform do u use? thank you in advance (for Mac OS)

Bryan Wheelock says:

I'm 16 and have almost $2k saved through several accounts. Do you think I should start right away? And where should I start? My parents seemed a bit skeptical when I showed them things about you and of penny stocks, but from everything I've seen from you, you seem really honest and trustworthy. Do you think I should save a bit more before starting investing?

Sensationalism says:

Wow, people actually fall for things like this? This guy is fake to the bone, just think about it.. why would he teach you how to make money if he himself wants to make this money.. that's like telling everybody where all the gold was buried.

zues olympus says:

Ok let me get this straight, this guy deals with penny stocks and he uses the word transparency in the same sentence? Stay far away.

Rajiv Hardial says:

I'm 16 am I too young to do something like this? 

James Martin says:

Do your homework before you trust this dude

yankessnperu says:

Tim I want to LEARN, Please guide me in the right direction as a Newbie perspective.  please send a link and the name of software you use, its looks user friendly. thank you!!!!!!!

RaphiEntertain says:

Cool Video tim!!

6DinoDus6 says:

This is a dirty fucking business just look at all the generic promoting comments, scavengers flying all around here

burtonryan50 says:

This is the first video I watched regarding you. I had never heard of you until I watched this. I would DEFINITELY wanna be as rich as you. 

pukeylukey1994 says:

i was expecting him to tell us a website for buying penny stocks

Angela Akinbohun says:

Watch this. Very inspirational.

Wil Butler-Croutwater says:

Tim Sykes, what kind of software do you use to trade penny stocks

Dubztep Recordz says:

That was cool!

greenspringvalley says:


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