Learn When to Hold Penny Stocks Over the Weekend

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Hey Tim Sykes, millionaire, mentor and trader here answering your questions, a lot of people ask me should I hold this stock for the weekend?

0:10 I love holding stocks on Fridays and selling Mondays if the play is right if the set up is there. One of my first biggest wins was back as a freshman in college, I made over $100,000 in one day, one weekend, buying the stock on Friday selling it on a Monday all because the company put out a press release on Friday saying, hey we’re going to be featured on this news program on Sunday and I mainly banked that the news program would be positive this was back in the year 2000, so nothing was really negative back then, early 2000 before the crash.*

1:45 You do have to be careful though, because sometimes there’s a buy on the rumor phenomenon and sell on the news, so even if the news is very positive the stock drops because everyone already knows about the press ahead of time, so I’d be cautious, every situation is a little different depending on the overall market, depending on the company, depending on the news program, depending on the technology, and you kinda have to judge it.

3:45 I know you want like an exact answer like, okay always buy stocks on Fridays and sell on Mondays the stock market and penny stocks are not an exact science you’re going to have to judge each situation individually, but you can still be prepared ahead of time, this is why I have 5000+ video lessons, over a dozen DVDs, 1000+ webinars, so you can learn from the past and say you can say okay, I remember this pattern, I remember how this stock or this biotech sector does with upcoming news or earnings, is another catalyst.

4:10 Earnings winners haven’t really worked lately when a company reports good revenues or profits or says something positive on their conference call let’s say they do it on a Thursday or Friday the stock is spiking, you think the news is going to spread over the weekend, that hasn’t really been working the past few weeks and months in the market, so you have to learn to modulate, you know sometimes you can be very aggressive, now is not the time to be aggressive but holding over the weekend is a great little pattern, especially if you’re busy, and you can’t trade all day you know, look for a stock that is spiking into the close on a Friday afternoon, try to see what the news is, and if the news has legs, if it’s going to be of interest to people who are seeing it over the weekend, try to buy it into the close, sell on a Monday morning, that’s one of my patterns, cheers.

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I understand this video and will profit when using the right pattern.

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