Learning From Trades That Don’t Go As Planned

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If you have the right mindset to become my next millionaire http://tim.ly/sykesmc student, there’s no way to lose in the stock market as every trade makes you either richer or wiser…I often outline my winning trades and how I used http://stockstotrade.com to find them, then execute them, today I want you to learn from a few of my recent losses, which are fine because I followed rule #1 from http://tim.ly/thebestrules and cut losses quickly!


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Jeison Miranda says:

Transparency, really important!

Philip Unsworth says:

Transparency. Great video Tim ??

João Neves says:


Chi Buo says:

you are building an army of students. you are spreading your seed of genuis abroad, tending those entuhsiastic souls and its just amazing. transparency is the way.

Nick Hughes says:

Hi Tim, thanks for all of the videos.  After paper trading for all of 2016, I've been successful in the first part of 2017 making about $1,500 from $4,000 with a few penny stocks like MCIG last week and CBIS this week.  You advice is extremely helpful, and I appreciate the giving back to the newbies.  I live for this and am just getting started.   Now, I have to get back to studying.  Take care!

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yoni netzer says:

Transparency.Totally agree with you about that and this is one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to get into that stuff since it looks like no one is honest and this is why didn't decide where should I learnCan you please explain what what was your mistake? because I didn't understand what you explained on the video.Thank'sYoni

Yeezus says:

This is exactly what i needed

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This is exactly what I wanted

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