Lee Munson discusses what's driving the market sell off, and says 'expect more volatility'

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Portfolio Wealth Advisors President & CIO Lee Munson breaks down the market sell off today of more than 1000 points.
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Anthony Shannon says:

Retail will continue to buy the dip

gus4gus says:

This is how someone talks when he doesn't know and doesn't have an answer.

Alex Jay says:

High speed trading stocks that thrive on volatility are killin it. Virtue Financial has been a loser for the past few years.. but this year ⏫⏫⏫

Felix Frost says:

I kinda like this Lee guy, down to earth and I donno why people are saying he looks like a villain or a zombie.

Peter says:

"blabla… instead of talking about Tesla all day." Yeah, you enjoy that, guy.

Frank0020 says:

This is what happens when you look at the stock market for too long😁✌️ JK..🤓

Li Gu says:

Can someone confirm if his explain of long gamma is correct? Cuz I thought the opposite

Jesse Cantrell says:

Comments are hysterical, but this guy at least has LIFE EXPERIENCE and has binder dun dat (my East Indian buddy).

A B says:

I’d party with Lee. I bet he knows all the best hookers.

A B says:

More like Lee Munster.

Wen L says:

Haha.. Is that his way of saying the option dealers don't want the call options to be exercised?

DaedalusJones says:

Lee Munson is a great guest. Get him on again. Talks sense and wisdom in a humourous way

Lars Nyström says:

There will be no rotation!

The only stocks which are viable in the pandemic – the tech stocks – will stay on the top.
The rest are not low enough.
Look for undervalued stocks, and you will end up buying loosers.

Ravi Mahay says:

I like this Lee guy, and his dramatic, all guns blazing style of voicing his opinions 🤭

wei guohao says:

He's jealous of rh trader gains

AJ911 says:

Is that Dr Frankenstein Munson

up ski says:

7:57 >.<

Roggle says:

This guy comes on your show and you do him sooooo dirty with that thumbnail. Smarten up

TheCanMan Can Since 1990 says:

Protect yourself
Nice write off till next year when it's back over a buck
Buy the spikes not the dips
Do the opposite of retail

Arnold Braunschweiger says:

Damn, it's Herman Munster.

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