Lessons From My $36K+ Week

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I love Friday trading. Even if I’m not taking advantage of the hot stocks, I’m alerting and teaching students about them. There’s so much action! Watch and learn all about Friday’s trading.


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Happy Friday, everyone!

I wanted to post this really quick because I want you to utilize the weekend as optimally as you can.

That means studying the past, watching my videos, learning the strategies, and practicing how to recognize patterns.

DO NOT wait until Monday night to study.

Why not?

Because Monday night we have a special event for you.

Roland Wolf — my newest millionaire student* — and I will be hosting a webinar at NO-COST.

What’s special about this webinar is that Roland will tell you about how he’s learned my trading strategies … And how he used them to craft his own.

That’s self-sufficiency at its finest.

Check the links above for that and sign up ASAP because spots are filling up fast!

And watch this video to see how today’s trading went for me and my students. Hint: there was a supernova that some people reported banking on.*

I’ll include a link to my supernova webinar in the links, too. That’s where you can learn about these insane market movers and prepare for the next one.

And I’ll go over other trends in the current market and hot tickers of the day in this video. Tune in!

If you understand why it’s important not to trust any penny stocks, leave a comment. Say, “These are trash companies.”

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Hey, it’s Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there, and also click ‘subscribe’ so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.*

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sunyincali says:

These are all trash companies

TheLightOfMyWindow says:

Tim, I looked at your stats from this year the other day on profit.ly and they’re WILD. Win rate on point, profit factor over 20– Incredible! I know you keep saying you suck at trading which is funny but the truth is you are a fantastic trader! Stats speak for themselves. These numbers show you can grow even a small account with that knowledge. Not a lot of ppl can do that. I’m very inspired by you! And you’re also wildly entertaining lol Thank you for your hard work!

Forever Aroma says:

These are all trash company's!

James Burke says:

These are ALL trash companies!

Thomas Jones says:

These are trash companies

Neeliance RR LLC says:

These are all trash companies – definitely but we want to kill those, lol

Math Man says:

These are all junk/bad companies.

Pulak Chakma says:

Signed up for Monday night!

Eric Johnson says:

I'm in Canada so I'm using Questrade.
Love ya Tim, you guy's, …Tim is the Best person to learn from out of everyone out here. He's definitely the real deal ✌️ you guys are Lucky to have him.

Brandon Beckman says:


Kevin Guthrie says:

I use think or swim 🏊‍♂️ I feel it’s pretty decent even with OTCs but Robinhood and webull, I wouldn’t mess around with those platforms.

john cat says:

Thanks you have really helped me be self dependent, I dont need your picks, and still traded the same stock as you, I really appreciate it

John Stills says:

This is why I killed webull and Robinhood. I will be there.

These are all trash companies!!!

i am a child of GOD says:

what app can i put on my laptop to learn how it works????

Sergii Dubrovin says:

Hi, Timothy!
I've been following you for three years and want to say thank you for the efforts you put into teaching how to trade. Now I want to open my account with $3000. Unfortunately, with such amount of money I am restricted with PDT rule. Alternatively, I may transfer into CFDs. What way would you recommend?
Thank you!

Sal Ramirez says:


Eternal-Dragon Kazoku no Ryu says:

How do I become a Supernova Alert Subscriber?

Eternal-Dragon Kazoku no Ryu says:

These are ALL trash companies….Minus True Religion. Been watching you for awhile Mr
Sykes. I'm praying this works out for me. I hope we meet someday as well.

Eternal-Dragon Kazoku no Ryu says:

I wonder what posistion size is.

Christina Campbell says:

Signed up for Monday night earlier this week. Can't wait! 🎉

Also cruising through the 30 Day Bootcamp and PSFW lessons. Best investment I have made for my knowledge account. Props to you and Matt for creating such an extraordinary resource! 💖

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