Lessons From My $8,000ish Profits Yesterday

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Yes, my http://traderandinvestorsummit.com conference is still on September 16-18, but more importantly, yesterday was a great day for my http://tim.ly/timlong newsletter subscribers as the http://tim.ly/tsearnings pattern works time and again. Also, see my video on http://tim.ly/sykesgpro to see my thoughts on GoPro before it spiked roughly 15% yesterday as I NAILED IT


karim anabtawi says:

give earnings winners MORE TIME

Christian Ledesma says:

give eqrning winners more time

Joanne Smith says:

What are the chances of earnings winners spiking further? 60%??

Larry B says:

Give earnings winners more time!

Deontia Andrews says:

Give earnings winners more time

Turd Ferguson says:

All we are saying, is "give earnings a chance."

Trelyn Pounds says:

First thing i should do to develop into a great trader????? @timothy Sykes

Katherine Crawford says:

Give Earnings Winners more time

Kourtney Kraft says:

Give earnings winners more time!

dewayne johnson says:

Give earnings winners more time.

Black Martian says:

give earning more time

Bryan Voon says:

Give earning winner more time

Cristianius I says:

What about Jose?

leu says:

tell them Tim

Patrick Roberts says:

Give Earnings Winners More Time.


Give earnings winners more time.

Abe Nieto says:

It's about a week away, yes, but it's possible we're out of power for a few weeks after the hurricane. I know for hurricane wilma, we were out of power for almost a month.

I still plan on going, just as long as it's physically possible. Guess it's too soon to tell how bad it will be.

Thomas K says:

Give earnings winners more time.

un_COG says:

Where's a good place to paper trade? I'm to scared to use real funds still.

Uchendu Korieocha says:


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