Lessons From My All-Day Webinar Today

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What a day today, huge up move in the markets and I made nearly $1,500 during an all-day webinar, please learn these patterns, watch http://traderchecklist.com and my http://howtomakemillions.com guide which has now raised nearly $2 million for charity, brush up on your basics!


henry holligon says:

would love to be a student but can't drop out of school yet.Great vid btw :)

Rusty Reece says:

how do you find out about all these stocks?

Ansgar Donath says:

Hey Tim, are there any brokers you can recommend to look into for traders from germany?

Que Crayton says:

can someone help me i wana start 1 but dont really kno was going on

иГОГОША says:

Hi! I from Ukraine, pls help my teach trade like you. Sorry for my bad english.

Bryan Sy says:

Hello, I realize that in a lot of your videos you have some valuable answers, and you answer the comments quite a bit and this is just a question for anyone to help me out really.

I'm currently working part-time and just hit $3k and I want to start in the penny stocks, but before I do I obviously want to have some knowledge (Not some, a lot) before going in. Can someone direct me to some good paper trading apps that I can use to hone my skills or the very basic tutorials that Tim did so I can get started?

Peter W says:

I took this exact trade in the afternoon on CANN today Tim! Noticed the ascending triangle pattern staring me in the face around 3PM and bought at 4.40. But i didnt want to hold overnight so I sold at 4.69 right at the close

TheLouisMotivational says:

"Ding Ding Ding" BUY the Breakout! Great lesson! Thank you, for teaching.
U crack me up……

CrimsonYeti says:

"Maybe even 4.20"
I see what you did there…

Future says:

Does the pattern day trader rule only apply to margin accounts? What about brokerage accounts? Thanks I'm new to this been researching for a couple weeks looking into getting into this I'm 16.

Praneel Kumar says:

Great stuff bud

Noah Jackson says:

That was awesome thank you!

sam s says:

Great lesson! did well today on $SVXY thanks to you! and to @SharesToTrade on twitter! Keep it up Tim!

Edgar Camacho says:

Great Video Tim ? Adapt or die! ??

Dr Kindrat says:

Study hard every second

denis primeau says:

im first, love you tim ! you a great mentor. you really motivate me !

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