Lessons From My Latest $1,000 Profit

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Edward Bronner says:

Hey, thank you for sharing your trades.

WatchDogs1991 says:

i understand

Boudy ElAgmawy says:

Timothy Sykes
I've learned so much from you even tho I'm a Forex Trader for 8 years now I'm making good money for my self but I'm learning from you so thank you so much , hopefully we can meet someday.

Nguyên says:

okie, how do I look for sympathy stocks?

Stan Carver says:

I understand. Thanks Tim

Tadej Topič says:

Wellcome to Europe 🙂 Great video, tnx 🙂

Satish Bissessar says:

Hey i am a new believer. I am interested in one of you courses in penny stocks. My problem is which course or courses do i buy or which classess do i sign up for?

Big Mix says:

U selling shit is the way u make money. U found a niche and u sell to people who have high hopes of making it in the stock market. But you yourself have only made it from selling shit to people. Not on stocks so much.

Terry says:

Love the videos! How much do you charge for the small group training?

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