Lessons From My Picking The Biggest Winner Today

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My http://tim.ly/eduvest students and I are on fire, congratulations to all AKAO longs, it just keeps going although I played it VERY safe and locked in profits early on today…my students’ success is not due to alerts, but to STUDYING…that’s why my http://traderchecklist.com guide will only be free until year-end so watch it ASAP


Adrian Mariscal says:

Yes I understand

AslanAtreyu says:

I will fucking study your Traders Checklist lessons!!!!! I understand!!!

Eric “9000” Jimenez says:

I watched 5 complete videos from the checklist ive used th he techniques on previous trades, and im not in your chatroom

Justin Adams says:

Yes, I understand.

reach4peace69 says:

Completely get the advice. It comes down to the fact that you can make money doing the wrong things and lose money doing the right things, which leads to a one dimensional wrong mindset. Focus on the Tims teachings, STUDY, and then use these rules as a foundation for your trading.. it won't guarantee profits straight away but it sure as hell will save you from the big losses, new traders are vulnerable in experiencing.

Michael Lariz says:

Ahhhhh lets learn this shit !!!! Your passion for this motives me

Acee Vee says:

yes.. I understand.

WaldAlvaJr says:

Tim I just signed-up for your chat room for an entire year and I am currently watching the Trader Checklist right now and taking notes on it, I am studying it and now your going to take it away!? What the actual fuck? I understand that most people are lazy degenerate gamblers and that we are the few good apples whom actually study, why are you going to punish us? At the very least, keep it free to everybody who signed up for Trader Checklist before 1/1/17. I made a 1 year commitment to your chatroom because I know the learning curve is going to take time. I am going to be one furious customer if you take it away.

Don't punish people like me who have made long-term commitments and paid $487.90 to learn from you over the next 12 months. I was thinking about getting STT too but if you do things like this, I may go with TradeIdeas instead. Bulls On Wall St, Fous, and Warrior Trading where my choices and I chose you Tim. Don't fuck over the people who chose to learn with you.

Acee Vee says:

yes.. I understand. TIM I'VE BEEN STUDYING AND RESEARCHING SINCE SUMMER.. I WANT TO GET PAST MY THRESHOLD. but I don't meet the requirements to be a student !!! :((

AKque47 says:

how do you consistently find new penny stocks to play with and how can i do the same?

infoprodigy1 says:

hi tim, i actually watched all the videos. i may even watch them again. thanks for passing on your expertise :)

Mosconi Oni says:

Well said TIM! Too many noobs in this market expecting profits to be easy. Let em have it!

Noah Jackson says:

Congratulations on the new car!

Jr Vaca says:

Im a newbie to this ill be watching your dvd thanks man god bless.

Michael Lariz says:

Thanks Timothy for caring about us & blessing us with the DVD. I've recently started learning about Trading and I've always had that Curiosity since high school. and so knowing that I can watch the DVD I can gain confident and knowledge in myself. I'm now 20 year old and there is no better time to learn in the time of information then right now. I'm gonna continue to absorb information and hopefully I can soon invest in stocks. Thanks again Mr. Sykes. I'm also subscribed to your channel and continue to watch your daily uploads, You know your the MAN !! Thank you

Shaquille Banton says:

I understand

Kay Levin Hoffmann says:

I watched trader checklist like 3 times and was right there on AKAO all day (still with a paper trading account). I will be joining your chatroom as soon as I can set up my brokerage account! Your video lessons are so helpful and it is starting to click! Thank you so much man

arky Berrospi says:

Thank you Tim, alway is a pleasure listen your video lesson because shaping our trade personalities, thanks again.

Nick Lauer says:

Been here through the 18 minutes and I understand! Thanks Tim!

Linda Ellis says:

I made it thru the 18 plus minutes and I do understand. I appreciate your compassion for education. This is so new to me but I'm eager to learn.. I'm going to Traderchecklist right now!!

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